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How to Pay for DroidVPN in Nigeria

DroidVPN is an android application that conceals your identity over the internet. However some Nigerians have found a way of browsing with some network providers at a far cheaper price and some even for free. Simply downloading the DroidVPN application in Nigeria is not a guaranteed access to unlimited internet connection. The application can be […]


Top 10 Best Bulk SMS Providers In Nigeria

Top 10 Best Bulk SMS Providers In Nigeria

The advent of the internet has made it possible to carry out a lot of services on Internet-enabled devices. One of such services is Bulk SMS in Nigeria. Bulk SMS entails sending customized messages to a large number of phone numbers. Bulk sms offers you the opportunity to send messages at a cheaper price. In […]


Top 10 Highest Paying Companies In Nigeria

Top 10 Highest Paying Companies In Nigeria

Getting a job in Nigeria is not that easy and getting a high paying job is almost like a camel through the eye of a needle as so many people are also trying to land that high paying job. But as we posted an article on how to get your dream job in Nigeria, we’ve […]


Make DSTV Online Payment in Nigeria

Since the day I missed one of my favorite premiership football matches between my club and another major club, I resolved never to be caught dead paying for my DSTV subscription over the counter. I had been really busy all through the week so I didn’t notice the DSTV envelope that usually helps to remind […]


GoTV Subscription: How To Pay

GoTV is a Multichoice owned pay TV service that offers you digital TV stations at a reasonable price. Paying for subscriptions is not really a walk in the park when you always have to walk down to GoTV’s office. This article would discuss the various payment options for your GoTV subscription without the need to […]


How To Build a Cheap Home Made Car Tracker

Auto theft is no doubt the booming business for many criminals. Locking your car doesn’t prevent it from being stolen. Apart from taking all the necessary precautions with protecting your car, getting it back after  it has been stolen is also very important. However, for many people who have spent a lot to get a […]


DIY: How To Unlock Your Mobile Phone

So many people are going into mini importation business in Nigeria and with the number of trusted retail sites available, it is no surprise Nigerians have started patronizing these sites opting to buy mobile phones amongst others that are locked or tied to foreign networks like AT&T Wireless, Sprint, Verizon and others from sites like […]


Starting a Sports Betting Business in Nigeria

Starting a Sports Betting Business in Nigeria

Sports betting business is huge in Nigeria and this article will show you how to start your own sports betting business in Nigeria. With the few number of bookmakers (sports betting companies) available its not too late to start your own sports betting company with some countries having hundreds of sports betting sites alone. One […]