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How to Pay For Google AdWords in Nigeria

How to Pay For Google AdWords in Nigeria If you are a blogger and you desire to advertise your blog, you may have to subscribe for Google AdWords. And of course, it is not free. The payment process is one of the factors that get many people confused. Once they are at sea about how […]


How to Pay For Blackberry Apps In Nigeria

How to Pay For Blackberry Apps In Nigeria Some apps are free for Blackberry users, while some other apps are for sale. You will come by list of the free and paid ones on Blackberry World. There is limitation to the functions of the free ones, while the paid ones have full and exciting features. […]


How to Pay For Facebook Ads in Nigeria

How to Pay For Facebook Ads in Nigeria Advertising on Facebook is considerably profitable. This is more so if you select your target audience properly. Facebook can help present your adverts to the right target and you can start raking in money before you know it. Some people have made lots of money via Facebook […]


The Online Market in Nigeria: Benefits and Challenges

Nigeria is fast becoming a global village just like many other countries of the world. This means you can get virtually anything done without having to leave your home. Gone are the days when you had to make the trip to get to your destination; these days, you only have to make the call. You […]


DSTV Remote Control: How to Get A Replacement

DSTV is a leading satellite television service provider no doubt. Truth is they have the largest number of clients among other outlets providing similar services in Africa. DSTV presently has 8 million subscribers; Nigeria and South Africa represent the largest chunk of this number. Are you one of their subscribers or customers? Have you lost […]


List and Directories of Oil and Gas Companies In Nigeria

Tired of searching for menial paying jobs? Being informed about a particular subject matter goes a long way in solving half the problem. Now is the time to take a cursory look into the multi-billion Naira sector, here you can find their contact details and addresses for whatever reason you might need them for. List […]


How To Get Rid of Body Odour

Who hasn’t had that minute when you gradually and unnoticeably lift up your arm and contemplate internally, mhm, I dont smell so great today? Well if you haven’t, you are yet to hit puberty. Always know that body odour is normal, natural and everyone has it. Why Do We Have Body Odour Body odours start […]


Skales in Trouble After Leaving Record Label

It would appear that Skales will need to hack out N5bn to free himself of the 5-year contract he marked with Baseline Music. As indicated by the new points of interest revealed in the N13m fraud petition filed by Baseline Music against the artist and his director, Osagie Osarenkhoe, the terms and states of Skales’ […]


How to Register a Cooperative Society in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country where many people have fallen in the painful and deceptive grips of fraudsters, hence; everyone is super security conscious and would verify whatever is going to bring money out of their pockets to the last details. So if you have an unregistered cooperative society and some promising prospective members have declined […]

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