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Abuja Zip Code: Get it Right

Area: Central Business District Zip Code  STREETS  ZIP CODE 2nd Ave. 900211 3 Ave. 900211 4th Ave. 900211 Abuja Dr. 900211 Ahmadu Bello Way 900211 Constitution Rd. 900211 Hospital Ave. 900211 Independence Ave. 900211 Inner Express (N) Way 900211 Mohammed Buhari Way 900211 North Transit Way 900211 Northern Express Way 900211 Olusegun Obasanjo Way 900211 […]


Abuja Postal Code: Clear the Confusion!

Postal codes, also known as Post codes, are a series of numbers (or in some countries, letters) which is used for sorting out mails. Nigeria makes use of numeric post codes. The entire country is divided into nine different regions. The first digit of the code signifies the region under which an area falls. The […]