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See What Led To Iyabo Ojo’s Marriage

See What Led To Iyabo Ojo’s Marriage

Iyabo Ojo has quite a history regarding her marriage. She had been making great revelations of the challenges she faced and the situations that led to her marriage. It is no longer news that she is divorced, but what is news is the circumstances surrounding that divorce and what led to her marriage in the […]


Wife of fake-graduate husband gets divorce

Wife of fake-graduate husband gets divorce

A woman who fell for and married a man who pretended to be a Mass Communication graduate of the University of Lagos has been granted divorce by a Lagos Customary Court. The woman, 38-year old Nnenna had sued for divorce from Kelechi Nwokolo for reasons of assault, threat to life and marriage based on deceit. […]


Girl Child Education in Nigeria: Why Is it Important?

Education, and most recently, the girl child education is becoming a major part of discourses in academic and political spheres in Nigeria. Nollywood producers, radio presenters, professors, mechanics, drivers, politicians are always bringing up the issue to the public’s attention. People everywhere- mostly women – are watching the debate unfurl with keen interest. Will there […]


Divorce Process/ Proceedings/ Procedure in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the law has made provision for the possibility of divorce between couples who seek to have one. There is a laid down procedure to be followed before divorce can be granted by the court. The Procedure for Divorce in Nigeria The following is are the steps taken in order to obtain a divorce […]


Divorce Laws in Nigeria

The Divorce Laws in Nigeria is all-encompassing and has put into consideration various scenarios that could lead to a dissolution of marriage. In 1990, Matrimonial Causes Act was developed and became a part of the Laws of the Federation of Nigeria. This is represented in Chapter 220, section 15 & 16. The Matrimonial relief section […]


Grounds for Divorce in Nigeria

Grounds for Divorce in Nigeria

There are times when a couple feel that they can no longer live together and would like to part ways by way of divorce. However, if the marriage is a customary marriage you must have valid reasons as stipulated by the law to get a divorce. In seeking divorce, you are required to file a […]


Top 5 Causes of Divorce in Nigeria

Marriage is not a bed of roses and it takes a lot of patience and understanding from both partners to make it work. However, there are time when a couple feels that they can no longer tolerate each other and would rather part ways and get a divorce. The top 5 causes of divorce in […]


How to Process/ Get/ File for Divorce in Nigeria

Marriage is meant to foster a lasting relationship between two intending couples. However, for one reason or the other, things might not work out as planned and you have a change of heart. Then the issue of divorce sets in. Divorce should however be the last resort. You might wonder, if I want it, how […]


How to Register a Marriage in Nigeria

Marriage is usually an occasion that is witnessed by the family, friends and according to civil law. Marriage is usually registered at a registry and this can be found in all the states in Nigeria. Here is a guide on how to register a marriage in Nigeria. 1. Filing of marriage notice This involves filling […]

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