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The Most Expensive Phone in the World (2016)

The Most Expensive Phone in the World (2016)

A lot of people complain about today’s smartphones being absurdly expensive, pointing the finger at devices like the $800 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, or the $950 iPhone 6 Plus. Normally, these complaints will be accompanied by popular statements like “It’s still the same call and text they receive that I also receive”, “it’s not like […]


Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria: The Ultimate List

Are you one of those who still believe that Nigerians haven’t fully embraced the concept of shopping online? You should have a rethink. The apparent success of online stores like Jumia, Konga and several others should be sufficient to convince anyone in doubt that online shopping in Nigeria has grown from what it used to […]


Top 10 Strangest Buildings In The World

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you realize creativity has no limit. Here we take a look at the strangest buildings in the world from a stone house design to being shaped as a basket to looking like a pair of pants. Find list of the top 10 strangest buildings in the world. […]


AliExpress Nigeria: How To Order Products From AliExpress

AliExpress.com is an online marketplace like Amazon where thousands of sellers put up their products for sale. It is owned by china’s leading online store Alibaba.com. With AliExpress you can actually start a mini importation business here in Nigeria as a lot of wholesalers are on AliExpress. On AliExpress.com you can find a whole lot […]


How To Build a Cheap Home Made Car Tracker

Auto theft is no doubt the booming business for many criminals. Locking your car doesn’t prevent it from being stolen. Apart from taking all the necessary precautions with protecting your car, getting it back after  it has been stolen is also very important. However, for many people who have spent a lot to get a […]