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Dstv Payment Options Of Nigeria Today

dstv payment options

Dstv payment options are now many in Nigeria. Unlike few years back when you have to locate a multichoice office or a bank that partner with Multichoice. Dstv, being the highest TV service provider in Africa are trying to make life easy as much as possible to their subscribers, thereby providing the various means in […]


Maize Production in Nigeria: How to Start

Maize Production in Nigeria: How to Start

Maize is one of the most commonly eaten crops in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. Maize production in Nigeria is by far one of the most interesting, easy-to-start and most lucrative type of agribusiness you can ever lay your hands on. Maize production would simply see you investing money, time, and energy into the […]


Importance of Agriculture in Nigeria

Importance of Agriculture in Nigeria

For a very long time, agriculture has been the backbone of the Nigerian economy. As a matter of fact, a lot of countries depend solely on agriculture for sustenance and as the main source of their revenue. The Importance of Agriculture in Nigeria can indeed never be over emphasized, especially since we are no strangers […]


Grasscutter Farming in Nigeria: How to Start

grasscutter farming in nigeria

The grasscutter meat is indeed very popular in Africa and especially in Nigeria; thanks to grasscutter farmers who are trying their best to make this meat readily available to buyers and consumers. Grasscutter farming in Nigeria is one of the most profitable kinds of businesses in the animal farming section. It is also one of […]


Cocoa Production in Nigeria: How to Start

cocoa production in nigeria

People born between the 60’s and 80’s would definitely know the value of cocoa production in Nigeria. Cocoa is a crop Nigeria once banked on as its major exported cash crops before the oil boom. Nigeria was the biggest exporter of cocoa in Africa and one of the biggest in the world. The Oil came […]


Rabbit Farming in Nigeria: How to Start

rabbit farming in nigeria

The cogent reason why the Rabbit, which is one of the earliest domesticated animals, is still being reared and nurtured by man is because they serve invaluable purpose for man. Rabbit farming in Nigeria is not a new business, neither is it an uncommon business. However, lack of adequate support from the government to Rabbit […]


Who Is the Richest Pastor in the World? (See the Top 10)

who is the richest pastor in the world

Even though setting up a Christian ministry can be for anything but financial gain, the question, “Who is the richest pastor in the world?” can’t but arise once in a while, especially these days where pastors are undertaking million-dollar projects, engaging in super philanthropic activities and commanding a whole lot of material acquisitions and properties. […]


The Largest City in Africa

The Largest City in Africa

The largest city in Africa most definitely can’t escape being a conurbation as they are the places that welcome a large influx of people, more than anywhere else. A conurbation is a region comprising a number of cities, large towns and other urban areas that, through population growth and physical expansion, have merged to form […]


Meet The Richest King in Africa

Meet The Richest King in Africa

The African continent is one continent filled with traditions and culture; but the when the richest king in Africa is called into question, you might begin to wonder and ask yourself which country would host such a king and what exactly does he do to be the richest personality in his/her category in the whole […]


Mike Adenuga: Net Worth

Mike Adenuga: Net Worth

Michael Adeniyi Ishola Adenuga, simply called Mike Adenuga is a business tycoon and one of the richest people to emerge from the continent of Africa. His father, Chief Agbolade Adenuga was a school teacher and his mum, Juliana Adenuga, who comes from a royal ijebu family, was a known businesswoman. He was born in 1953 […]


P-Square: Net Worth

P-Square: Net Worth

Just before we go on, it would be good for you know this: You’re about to read about the richest twin brothers and musicians, not just in Nigeria but in the whole of Africa as a continent. With that out of the way, we can proceed. The twin pop stars Peter and Paul Okoye were […]


IVF in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

The introduction of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) has been a major breakthrough in the health study of conception and reproduction. IVF is no longer a strange topic in Nigeria as more centres continue to emanate to make sure that the dire needs of searching couples are attended to; especially in a continent like Africa where children […]