Sunny Ade wins N500m suit

African songs and Take Your Choice (TYC) have been orderd by a Federal High Court in Lagos to pay N500 million as damages to King of Juju Music, Sunny Ade. The two companies were found by the court to have infringed on Sunny Ade’s rights to his works.

Following a contract dispute between Sunny Ade and the two companies, Sunny had obtained a Lagos High Court judgment in 1975 for the return of the master tapes of his music works. However, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of both companies, Chief Bolarinwa Abioro died and the companies refused to return the tapes. Sunny, therefore, proceeded to a Federal High Court to enforce his rights.

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In addition to the N500million, the two offending companies will pay N3million to Sunny to defray costs incurred by him in prosecuting the suit.

It took Sunny 40 years to have his right restored. How just is the justice? Let’s have your comments in the box.

Source: The News Nigeria

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