Stanley Duru: Things you didn’t know about Him


The name Stanley Duru may not exactly ring a bell. But if you’re an avid watcher of Nollywood movies then you should know either Oge Okoye or Nkiru Sylvanus. At different times, these actresses have been linked romantically and controversially with Stanley. And that’s how the name, Stanley Duru seem to have stuck in the Nigerian entertainment circle.

Stanley Duru: Things you didn’t know about Him

In this post, you’ll find out some things you probably didn’t know about Stanley Duru.

Who is He?

Stanley Duru is an Amsterdam based businessman that was once married to popular actress, Oge Okoye. He is a native of Imo State.

When the going was good, Oge also had some interesting things to say about him. According to her, Stanley is loving, understanding, caring and God fearing.


Stanley married Oge in 2006. The circumstance around their meeting was quite an interesting one. The duo met in a club while Oge was shooting a movie. Initially, Stanley thought Oge was a prostitute and his plan was to be friends with then change her before he would marry her.

Oge Okoye narrated the story at an an interview with a media firm some years ago.

According to her, Stanley was initially attracted to her beauty but he wasn’t impressed with her dressing and obvious lifestyle. But his friend that knew her that told him that she was actually an actress and her attire was probably due to the movie she was shooting at that point in time.

The explanation seem to increase Stanley’s interest in her and he and his friend decided to wait until after the shoot so that they could meet her. Stanley was able to exchange contact with her and he began calling. Along the line, Oge realised that he was quite serious with her and one thing led to another and as they say the rest was history.

Their union produced two children, a boy and a girl. The first child was born in 2006, the year they got married while the second child was born in 2011.


Stanley loves to club. When he was still married to Oge, they used to go clubbing together. According to Oge, they both saw it as a way of unwinding once in a while.


Nkiru Sylvanus

Before Oge Okoye came into the scene, there were claims by close friends that Nkiru was dating Stanley but it didn’t work out and Stanley left her for Oge.

However, when his marriage to Oge crashed, the old lovers found a way to reconnect and they began dating once again. A cousin of Nkiru seems to have ther full details of the story as she explained it to one of the media outlets a while back.

According to her, it was actually a complicated affair. When Stanley was dating Nkiru, Oge was also in the scene because she was a close friend of Nkiru. Unfortunately, Oge found a way into the scenario and she began dating him too and eventually becoming pregnant.

As a result of this, Nkiru couldn’t continue with the relationship so she had to call it off. Oge and Stanley got married and subsequently moved to Amsterdam to Amsterdam where they had their baby.


Unfortunately, the marriage had begun to show signs of crises. There were were allegations of cheating on both sides. According the source, Oge cheated on her husband and he responded by dating a lady in Amsterdam which resulted in him having a son outside wedlock. But the couple managed to get past this and they reconciled. Oge became pregnant once again and had a baby girl for Stanley. But by this time the marriage was too fractured to continue and in 2012, the couple went their separate ways.

After a while, Nkiru met Stanley again and their love was reignited. The couple got really close to the extent that they began planning their marriage.

Some people claim they’ve done their introduction and traditional wedding and that they are currently planning their white wedding which was slated for December 31, 2014.

But as at the time of writing this post, it doesn’t seem the plan has seen the light of the day as both parties are still living their separate lives. As a matter of fact, Nkiru has dispelled the rumours that she has had a family introduction with Stanley’s family.


There are claims from some quarters that Stanley is a chronic alcoholic although some have stated that the news on such is just an attempt by his ex-wife Oge and her family to drag his name in the mud.

It was said that Stanley spends most of his earnings from business on alcohol, parties and clubbing. It is also claimed that he was never a caring father and husband when he was married to Oge. The speculators have buttressed their claims with the extramarital affair which Stanley was said to have had with Barbara in Holland which produced a child.

His Son’s Birthday

Oge used the opportunity of her son’s birthday to take a swipe at his father. It would be recalled that she posted a birthday message on social media where she made a statement which many felt was directed at Stanley. In the post, she had said that any fool can make a baby, but it takes a man to raise a child.

Marriage Plans

Although Stanley has been mum about his future plans regarding marriage, his one time lover, Nkiru seem to have insinuated that it might still work out between them..

She claimed that if someone like Stanley that she has once dated should come back after many years, asking for her hand in marriage, she could accept.

According to her, as long as she still finds him worthy and she’s still attracted to him, she can ignore his mistakes and go ahead to marry him.

So it seems this leaves us with a possibility that we might just get to hear something from Stanley’s camp soon but only time will tell.


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