Slot Limited: Nigeria’s No. 1 Mobile Devices Outlet (Slot Systems)


Slot Limited Nigeria (aka Slot Systems Limited or Slot Nigeria Ltd) is one of the country’s most popular retail outlets. Slot Nigeria limited has become a household name for affordable and long-lasting mobile phones, tablets, and accessories for all classes and levels of people.

The company is poised to fill the country’s information technology needs. Aside selling phones, tablets, and related devices to Nigerians, Slot Limited provides excellent after-sales support to their customers that is incomparable to what obtains in other West African countries.

Over the years, Slot Limited Nigeria has often been the first to break the news about new phones, functions, features, and upgrades to Nigerians. And they are usually the first to stock the latest mobile devices.

Most importantly, Slot Nigeria Limited offers high quality devices at prices that are relatively cheaper when compared to offers by other retail outlets in the country.

No doubt, Slot Limited is living up to its vision, which is to provide high quality services at cost effective rates in a manner that will make them the most valued and the best player in mobile device sales and support.

You can visit the official website of Slot Limited at:

Other Reputable Mobile Device Retail Outlets in Nigeria

The mobile phone market has exploded in recent times and this has led to the proliferation of phone retail stores all over the country.

Along with the rise of many reputable phone stores nationwide, many fraudulent stores and phone sellers have also been springing up.

As a result, we’ve compiled the 10 most reputable mobile device retail outlets in the country to help you successfully make your next mobile device purchase.


3C HUB is one of the largest digital products retail store. The 3C stands for confident, convenient and comfortable. And they seem to walk the talk with what they offer. They offer the latest information and news about products and services while offering the products at their physical store.

Some of the brands they sell include iPhone, Tecno, Infinix, Innjoo etc. Their products are affordable and come with warranty. You’ll find 3C HUB stores in many of the major malls in the country. If you want to buy products in bulk for your organization, you’re sure to get a favorable price from 3C Hub.

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Micro Station

Micro Station is one of the foremost phone dealers in the country. They are one of the popular destinations of choice for both end users and wholesalers. They offer top class sales service and unique after sales service which enables their customers to receive equitable returns on their patronage. You can order for phone and get it delivered to you anywhere in the country. apart from their office in Ikeja, they have outlets in many parts of the country where you can make your purchase.

PTV Phones

With over 18 branches in different parts of Nigeria, PTV Phones is one of the major phones dealers in the country. Some of the states include Abuja, Kano, Kwara, Oyo, Plateau etc. PTV Phones was established in 1995 as a multifaceted company with service delivery in I.T infrastructure and telecommunications equipment. The phone marketing arm was established in 2001 with the advent of the GSM technology in the country. The vision of the company is to provide functional and affordable phones anywhere and anytime. They also offer exceptional customer satisfaction.


Yudala is the first online and offline retail store. They aptly combine their online shopping platform with their mega retail store. This dealer is one of the fastest growing phone stores in the country. They have a goal to have their store in 512 locations in the country. The company is customer-centric and they are known to follow the buyers from the beginning to the purchase even till after the sales. They have a highly efficient logistics system which enables the customer track the delivery process all the way. Also, the Yudala team is made of highly motivated and dedicated young men and women with a passion to providing cutting edge service to their customers.


Pointek is one of the leading online and retail stores with a large collection of mobile phones and electronics from trusted Original Equipment Manufacturers in the country. Some of these brands include Samsung, Tecno, Blackberry, Lenovo, Huawei, LG, Opsson, Infinix, HP, Panasonic etc. You can make your order online and get your product delivered to you anywhere in the country. You can also buy your game console from Pointek. From time to time, Pointek offers discount deals on some popular brands which you can take advantage of.

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Affordable Phones

If you’re looking to get very affordable phones, one place to find such is Affordable Phones. Particularly, if you can’t afford to buy a brand new phone, you will find U.K used phones and Nigerian used phones in good condition for half the price. They have centres in places like Ikeja, University of Lagos and Ikorodu. They sell popular brands like iPhone, Infinix, Samsung, Sony etc.

Mizbeach Limited

With locations in Agege, Ikeja, Ibadan, Port Harcourt and Sango, Mizbeach Limited is one of the foremost phone dealers in the country. They are known for their wholesale service to phone resellers. Also, they cater for end users providing high quality phones and handsets at the best prices. The experience of buying your phone at Mizbeach is quite exciting and you’re certain to leave 100% satisfied. As expected, their phones come with a warranty which gives you a sense of security when buying these products. Their head office is located at Agege and they are known to serve many other phone resellers in these areas.

Best Mobile Stores

Best Mobile Store is one of the major mobile devices retail store in the country. You can find everything you need at Best Mobile from mobile phones, devices to accessories. They offer best quality in terms of products from leading manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Apple, Sony, Tecno, Infinix, LG, HP, Apple etc. At the point of purchase, you can install any of the apps you need for your product and they offer post sales services to ensure you get optimal value for your purchase. Overall, their customer service is top notch and you’re sure to enjoy every bit of your experience at Best Mobile Store.

Parktel International

Parktel is another major store in Nigeria that has been known to retail mobile phones and devices to end users.

Their interactive retail stores are scattered all over Nigeria. However, you can buy conveniently buy your phone online and getting it delivered to you anywhere in the country. You don’t have to be in the store to get your They are dealers in major brands like Samsung, Nokia, LG, Sony Ericsson etc. in Nigeria.