Shell Nigeria Careers: Jobs and Recruitment Information

Shell is the oldest energy company in Nigeria and one of the world’s leading energy companies. Shell produces oil and gas from different swamps and land areas around Niger-Delta area in Nigeria. The company also operates Nigeria’s largest Liquefied Natural Gas Plant (LNG) IN Nigeria.

Shell employs more than 90,000 people in over 80 countries and territories all over the world with competitive salaries that always reflect the market conditions in each employee country.

Shell also offers solid training, development and support programs for its numerous staffs with adequate opportunity for career growth and progression.

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To work with Shell Nigeria, you have to visit its careers website on to learn more about its recruitment procedures and available vacancies.

Shell recruitment is however categorized into Experienced Professionals and Students and Graduates. The students and graduates recruitment program is further divided into:

  • Shell Graduate Program: This program is designed to nurture your knowledge and broaden your experience on ground-breaking projects. You would be supported with an excellent mentorship program and given various hands-on roles and tasks to perform after which you would be fully absorbed into the company’s workforce.
  • Assessed Internships: Under the Shell Nigeria assessed internship program, you would be given the opportunity to join a project team and work with shell employees as an intern.
  • Shell Recruitment Day: Shell recruitment day is an afternoon of non-assessed, interactive activities featuring series of individual and group exercises.
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