See What Dr Sid Thinks About Owning a Record Label


Dr Sid

Dr Sid


The Mavins record Dr Sid made the revelation in a late meeting with Leadership daily paper. When asked about his future plans and whether he expects to start his own record label, he said People continue making this inquiry. Since Lil Kesh started a record label and now individuals think he ought to.

All things considered, the fact of the matter is most artistes, who start up record labels, need to be independent. What’s more, the question is the reason would they like to be independent?

He said that if you are in a circumstance that works, if everything about your needs and requirements are met, such that you have an awesome manager, your bank accounts is credited frequently, all is well, why would you want to leave?

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You may say, I need to have my own label. In any case, that is not taking into account usefulness. Dr Sid said A record label ought not be something you need to have. It is business. Also, say that it is not easy to have a record label. It is not easy to deal with yourself, not to mention other individuals.

Being in Mavin records has not prevented my advancement in at any rate; it has not halted the money in my bank account. I give the record name what is because of it and the record name does its part. At last, it is business. It is an association.

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I don’t have an issue with anybody opening their own label. If opening a record label works out for them fine but I am not going to place myself in a circumstance since everyone says or is doing as such. Dr Sid said


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