Richest Musicians in the World: 2023 Top 10


Sorry to burst your bubble but the Richest Musicians in Nigeria and Richest Musicians in Africa are nowhere compared to the 2019 Top Richest Musicians in the World.  Below NigerianFinder presents to you, the top richest musicians in the world according to forbes. Some of them grossing over 1 billion dollars, it is amazing what one can achieve financially with music.

Most Nigerians would not be familiar with the number one, two and three on this list as they are not the conventional musicians we hear all the time on radio and television, however they are well known all over the world.

1. Andrew Lloyd Webber

Number one on the list is worth $1.2 billion and subject of Her Majesty the Queen of England, know as the king of international music. Leading the top list of the 10 richest musicians in the world is  Andrew Lloyd Webber. The author of musicals that have marked the history of entertainment, such as Jesus Christ Superstar, Cats, Phantom of the Opera and many other hits, he has accumulated over the years a considerable fortune thanks to the activities of Really Useful Group, the company that manages all rights and merchandising related to his work.

2. Paul McCartney

Worth $1.1 billion, the value of his assets has grown significantly, compared to $829 million in 2015, Paul McCartney dropped one position in the ranking of the 10 richest musicians of 2016. Last year, the former Beatles dominated the top 10 tycoons of music in 2015. His fortune came as a result of the legendary songs with rights written for the very popular Beatles back in the days. The song composed by him titled Yesterday has been covered by more than 2000 artists and bands and is by far the song with the most cover the world: Try to imagine what might have yielded in royalties!

3. Herb Alpert

Grossing at $850 million is Trumpeter, composer and singer, well-known leader of the Tijuana Brass Band, Herb Albert is 3rd among the 10 richest musicians for 2016 thanks to more than 72 million copies of albums sold worldwide. In his long career he has received important awards, including 9 Grammy awards, 14 platinum discs and 15 gold albums.

4. Madonna

I bet everyone knows Madonna except you were born in the early 2000’s. At $800 million dollars, she is the first woman on this list and placed at number 4 in the ranking of the 10 richest musicians for 2016. The queen of pop. multifaceted artist also an actress and author of fairy tales for children. This is one very talented woman who has the record of having the highest number of live concerts.

5. Dr. Dre

Stage name Dr. Dre, real name is Andrew Romell Young is not only one of the pioneers of hip hop, as well as among the most successful rap artists, but also a successful entrepreneur and producer. At 5th place in the ranking of the 10 richest musicians of 2016. He is also a radio host. A chunk of his fortune came as a result of the sleek business with the Beats By Dre ear phones.

6. P. Diddy

At the 6th position of our list of the 10 richest musicians in the world we find Sean John Combs, better known by the pseudonyms Puff Daddy, Puffy, Diddy and P. Diddy. The Rapper, dancer and songwriter, also has a keen business sense, which led him to be one of the biggest record producer and talent scout of the United States.

7. Celine Dion

Every one knows Celine Dion, the queen of  love songs grossing at $630 million and in the 7th position of the list for 2016. The second woman to make the list after madonna. Celine Dion was popular but became a house hold name after the success of the Titanic soundtrack. To date she has sold over 200 million albums.

8. Bono

Worth $600 million dollars and at 8th place in the ranking of the 10 richest musicians in the World is Irish U2 Band lead. Besides being active in social struggles for Africa, Bono as he is known is also a skilled businessman. And I’m sure you never knew this, but through his investment company, Bono owns some shares in Facebook.

9. Jay-Z

Quite odd, while writing this post i was listening to one Jay-Z’s songs titled “Song Cry”. Popular hip hop artiste, the Rapper Jay-Z is worth $560 million and in addition to being one of the richest musicians in the world for 2016, together with his wife Beyonce they form the richest showbiz couple according to Forbes magazine. The rapper is also an entrepreneur in the music industry and beyond. Jay-Z made a fortune selling the rights to the brand Rocawear, the urban-style apparel line he cofounded, for $204 million in cash to the Iconix Brand Group

Mariah Carey is the last on the top 10 list of richest musicians for 2016 and worth $510million dollars. Mariah Careh is the only woman to have received the title of The Artist of the Millennium, the singer and producer is very active in other fields other than music. She has her own line of perfumes and in 2015, she directed the movie “A Christmas Melody”.




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