PDP Attacks Buhari for Democracy Day Address

A few individuals from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have responded to the discourse given by President Muhammadu Buhari on Democracy Day which likewise denote his first year in office.

President Buhari in his address to the country on Sunday, May 29 discussed the condition of the country and the issue Nigeria was experiencing. He highlighted the part the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission played in recouping plunders stole by the past administrations and the arrangements to broaden the economy.

Vanguard reports that a few individuals from the PDP censured the president’s discourse.

Ehiozuwa Agbonayinma who is individual from the House of Representative in Edo said President Buhari ought not be exclusively rebuked for the nation’s hardships as they all fizzled.

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Agbonayinma speaking to newsmen said,
We are all to blame because we did not manage our oil boom period instead a few Nigerians siphoned our commonwealth into private pockets”.

“Though I’m in PDP, I won’t place the whole blame on Mr president alone as we all failed project Nigeria”.

“On his speech I will say is another round of complaints without end as the mantra that catapulted APC to power has not changed anything”.

“Nothing has changed, so far what we’ve seen is trial by error economic policies of this government”.

“My final take is that we should all put our thinking cap on and see how the Nigerian project can be salvaged”.

Uzoma Nkem-Aboonta who is the chairman of the House committee on public petitions in Abia said
“Nigerians are becoming impatient with this ‘go slow administration’.

“This is a time for proactive measures that are sustainable not this idea of complaining of virtually everything”.

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“If he can’t get economic experts he should borrow from the Goodluck Johnathan’s economic team and this could help him save Nigeria”.

“Somebody close to him should tell him that this is not time for lamentation rather he should concentrate on how to move this country forward”.

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