Online Public Health and Clinical Research Courses in Nigeria


Online Public Health and Clinical Research Courses in Nigeria

There is a massive infrastructural change in the educational sector in Nigeria with the public more cognizant about newer approaches to learning and an international exposure. Online learning is seen as a paradigm shift in the educational enterprise worldwide and so in Nigeria.  There is a general acknowledgement and belief that online learning has the true potential to keep up with the pace of the growing economy and bridge the skills need gap in almost all the industry sectors.

Public health and clinical research are a major priority for any developing country and e-learning is contributing a major role is developing the requisite knowledge base of professionals to contribute effectively for various public health and development programs.

James Lind Institute (JLI) has developed multiple programs in Public Health and Clinical Research which are tailored towards the growing economies and help professionals effectively contribute towards the sustainable development goals. There is a widespread acceptability of online courses provided by James Lind Institute in Nigeria and fulfils the strong demand for focussed higher skills-based education which cannot completely be met with traditional campuses and programs.

Online learning or E-learning is not a new phenomenon in imparting education in some parts of world. Currently, most of the institutions are using it to promote distance education (DE) and lifelong learning. e-learning is the use of informatics technology to deliver education and training applications, monitor learner’s performance and report learner’s progress. Hedge and Hayward (2004), defined e-learning as an ingenious approach for imparting electronically mediated, well-designed, learner-centered and interactive learning environments to anyone, anyplace, anytime by utilizing the internet and digital technologies in concern with instructional design principles. Online learning is all about learning with the help of the informatics tools which are changing at a tremendous pace in the current time. The last decade has seen a tremendous upgradation of the informatics industry which has positively impacted the educational sectors.

Online Training in Public Health, Tropical Medicine and Maternal and Child Health

Promoting health for all is a major priority for all nations. Developing nations usually struggle to achieve the health goals due to a massive sharing of resources by multiple socio-economic and industrial transformations happening in the country at one point of time.  The immense demographic, ecological and socio-economic transformations happening in a developing country requires people trained in the modern methodologies, strategies and policies to tackle the complexities of work. A rapid urbanization in the developing countries is adding to the stress on the existing infrastructure creating a need for better, efficient and ethical utilization of resources for the betterment of the masses and the nation at large.

James Lind Institute (JLI) consults experts in the field of public health and allied domains like tropical medicine, maternal and child health and research methodologies to develop courses which are truly tailored to current and long-term needs of the developing economies of the world.

JLI provides online advanced courses in the fields of Global Health Management & Policy, Global Sexual & Reproductive Health Management, Public Health Research, Healthcare & Hospital Management, Medical Tourism & Healthcare Marketing, Medical Law & Bioethics, Healthcare Risk Management, Global Maternal and Child Health, Public Health Management, Tropical Medicine, Surveillance and Immunization.

JLI also provides Online Masters programs – Master of Science in Health Management and Master of Science in Public Health Management (MPH) in collaboration with International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, Rome, Italy.

James Lind Institute also conducts various online programs for the clinical research industry and allied sectors like pharmacovigilance & pharmacoepidemiology, medical writing, clinical data management, quality assurance, regulatory affairs and medico-marketing, Medical Communication & Journalism pharmaceutical medicine and translational medicine.  JLI also conducts advanced online programs in Occupational Health and Safety Management and Environmental Health Management.


The public health workforce is one of the basic and elementary units for strengthening health systems for achieving health for all and the sustainable development goals. There is a widespread dearth of social and preventive health care workers in developing countries many of which are in Africa. Africa correspondingly records alarming health indices as a fallout of endemic and emerging health problems that are aggravated by a lack of a trained public health workforce. In low-income nations, effective push to build a robust public health surveillance and response systems has slowed down, due in part, to the lack of public health physicians, field workers, public health nurses, epidemiologists and well-trained laboratory professionals. To bolster the public health systems in Africa, especially for disease surveillance and response, professionals from a number of countries including Nigeria have taken up online learning as a valid and effective tool to attain quality education and contribute towards the local, national and international public health needs.


Online public health programs at James Lind Institute gives due emphasis on one health approach of solving public health problems and has attracted physicians, nurses, pharmacists, public health managers, veterinarians, laboratorians and other life science graduates from more than 40 countries to join. All the major public health diseases and conditions prevalent in Nigeria are discussed during the public health programs e.g., Malaria, Tuberculosis, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), Diarrheal Diseases, Alcohol-related harms, Food safety, Healthcare-associated infections, Heart disease and stroke, HIV, Motor vehicle injury, Nutrition, physical activity and obesity, Prescription drug overdose, Teen pregnancy, Tobacco use, Cancer, etc.


Online programs at James Lind Institute (JLI) employ a novel and innovative informatics approach to building sustainable pedagogical capacity and strengthen the public health systems especially surveillance and response systems by providing focussed and targeted trainings. JLI views training and capacity building efforts as a means to strengthening the entire socioeconomic infrastructure of a nation and works under a framework for development and sustainability provided by international benchmarking agencies.

Nigeria is a fast-developing nation and working towards achieving all the seventeen UN Sustainable Development Goals. These goals apply to all countries and act as a push to generate resources and implementation strategies to develop peaceful and inclusive societies, creates better jobs and tackle the environmental challenges of our time—particularly climate change. James Lind Institute stands steadfast with a mission to develop human resources trained and equipped with the appropriate knowledge and skills for success.


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