One Year in Office; Nigerians Attack President Buhari



Many Nigerians have attacked President Buhari prior to his one year in office as being traumatic and hurtful for millions of Nigerians since his assumption into office.

Arewa Youth Consultancy Forum (AYCF), Ijaw Youth Forum (IYF), KOWA party, Lagos Chamber of Commerce and host of others have described President Buhari’s administration as a disappointment.

The groups noted that the economic condition of the country have gone from bad to worse. There have been hike in price of both perishable and non perishable goods in the past one year.

The president of Arewa Youth Forum speaking on President Buhari’s one year in office said
many people considered one year as too short to judge the government, but it is “big in the life of a nation.”

“Excuses by ministers that previous governments should be blamed for Nigeria’s woes were not tenable.”

”Some people think it is just one year but to me, I don’t look so,” he said, adding, “If you look at the way we run this country; every government in place works for two years, by the third year, people in government begin to reposition themselves for elections.

“To be honest, Nigerians have faced the most difficult situation ever in the history of this country. No matter how the government tries to convince Nigerians otherwise, the citizens have suffered and are still suffering.”

“In one year, there is nothing to show and that is the truth. Even if the government starts action now, in one year, I do not think that it will be able to meet there expectations of Nigerians. Things are bad and terrible but I hope the government refocuses and thinks of what to do better as soon as possible. ”

The chairman of the INC,Mr. Victor Borubo, said there was little to celebrate in one year of Buhari’s government. He commended President Buhari for being able to subdue boko haram in the North but expressed disappointment on in inability to tackle the menace of Fulani herdsmen in the south.

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Sunday may 29th marks President Buhari’s one year in office.

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