Nigerian Wedding Websites: Top 10


Weddings aren’t just events. They are occasions that bring out beauty and showcase the colour in the happiness of two individuals showing to the world how much they love each other. In Nigeria, weddings aren’t what they used to be and they would never return to what they used to be. Weddings are now special glamorous occasions which have turned some set of people into entrepreneurs and business owners.

Photographers, Event planners, designers for the  chair covers wedding, Caterers, Security personnel, Event publicists, and so on are some of those that can’t go without getting paid for gracing your wedding with their presence. Event publicists use wedding website as a medium to reach out to their numerous followers or subscribers; majority of who are females on trends, fashion, style, news and so on about weddings. If you plan to know the latest on weddings in Nigeria, visiting Nigerian wedding websites would definitely go a long way in enlightening you on latest styles and trends.

Below, in no particular order are the top ten really helpful wedding websites you can check out as wedding enthusiasts:

1. Wedding Feferity

Wedding Feferity is a site that shows its followers updates on wedding trends, upcoming wedding showcase, picture update and they even have their organized wedding seminar for couples. For more details visit us digitalinnovationshow .


2. Magnifik NG

Magnifik does well in adding some extra touches to your already planned wedding. You can contact them to cover and publicize your wedding but what magnifik is popular for is creating personal wedding website for couples.


3. My Nigerian Glam Wedding

The site design and font used on My Nigerian Glam Wedding are carefully selected to put some much needed embellishment on their wedding updates. They showcase couple’s pre-wedding photos and give wedding fashion updates.


4. Sugar Weddings

If you enjoy pictures, and love keeping yourself updated with the latest in wedding style and fashion then be sure to follow sugar weddings.


5. My Wedding Nigeria

My wedding Nigeria features beautiful love stories emanating from the country – stories that end either at the altar or the registry. My wedding Nigeria is a colourful site that has become the go-to for many wedding enthusiasts.



Bellanaija is a popular Nigerian blog but the wedding section has seriously gained popularity among ladies even from western countries. The Sub-Clothing line “Aso Ebi Bella” keeps moving week in, week out. Pre-wedding and wedding photos are also always being featured.


7. Wedding Digest

If you’re a very active Instagram user, you’ll be very familiar with wedding digest. They cover everything wedding, Traditional wedding, Church wedding and Registry. They also feed their followers with colourful wedding pictures and give updates on fashion and style.


8. Rose Blossom Bridal

Rose blossom bridal is owned by the bridal specialist Ronke Sho-Silva and it’s a blog site that covers weddings, showcase wedding pictures, pre-wedding shoot, tips and resource. Rose blossom bridals also provide bridal services for prospective brides.


9. Jide Odukoya

This is one of the top wedding photography sites in Nigeria. Showcasing the colour in the glamour is the main purpose of this site. The site also helps update followers on fashion trends.


10. Nigerian Weddings Guide

Nigerian weddings guide provide intending couples with a strong wedding resource just like their name implies. They also point intending couples in the right directions with their wedding directory.



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