Nigerian Stock Exchange Price List: How to Keep Updated


The Nigerian stock exchange has come a long way and its sole purpose remains  to make listings and trading of securities. It was formed in 1960 and its headquarters remains in Lagos Nigeria. It has over 200 companies listed with market capitalization around N12,88 trillion.

Since its full automated trending system on computers, dealers’ trade through a network of server connected group of computers. All listings can be found in the Nigerian stock exchange all share index.

Trading at the Nigerian stock exchange starts at 9.30 am every business day and closes at 2.30pm. Investment information’s are vital to stock traders so in case you have always wanted to know the various ways which you can monitor stock exchange prices and keep an update on what is listed from time to time, am about to share with you various ways you can keep tabs on share prices.

Stock exchange daily official list

Securities and Exchange Commission publishes the performance of listed companies from the data which it keeps through its surveillance mandate, using an automated trading system. It publishes daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually.

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This document is where you can also find information about equities and debts quoted on NSE. The document contains details about government stocks, state government bonds, industrial loans, preference stocks, and equities.

You can obtain copies from any branch of NSE nationwide. Official listing of prices can also be found on, and in the following sources:

Newspaper and business journals

Another way to get updated on stock prices and listing is via various newspapers in the country which have effectively published stock prices for several years.

Examples of newspapers where you can keep an update of prices are the punch newspaper, the vanguard newspaper, the nation newspaper, guardian newspaper etc .There are also business journals who specialize in business matters and stock listing pricing and research day.

2. Television and radio

The Nigerian media also does a good job to read to listeners during the news hour and publishes share prices, for the public to view on television.

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You can find share prices on NTA and various privately owned television and radio shows, in which ever state you are in the country. Special business and stock trade shows run on some too.

3. Internet updates

There are several sites on the internet where you can visit to keep updates on stock prices and listings some of these websites include e.g., to mention a few.

There are also a lot of stock brokers you can keep in touch with online where you can get stock prices and trade listings.

4. Mobile phone updates.

Today telecom companies in Nigeria offer packages that offer to send stock prices and listings directly to your mobile phone for a token fee. This is one of the platforms you can subscribe to so you can stay updated on the things that happen on the stock trade market.


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