Nigerian Army Short Service: How to Apply & Get Shortlisted


The Nigerian Army Short Service Course is open to both civilians and army personnel. Only Nigerian army personnel are qualified to take the course.


The individual to be given admission must be duly qualified. He/she will be taken through series of test and interviews. The applicants will also be thoroughly screened to make sure they meet up to certain requirements.

As hinted earlier, the course is open to both civilians and military personnel. However, any military personnel interested in the program needs to be  sponsored by any of the services in the Nigerian armed forces to a civil institution before he/she can be considered for the course.

What are the entry requirements? Find out about them below

Entry requirements

  • The applicant is expected to possess NYSC discharge certificate. Those who do not have such certificates are expected to present at least an exemption letter. The exemption letter too must be valid.
  • Also, the applicant is expected to possess valid document indicating his/her state of residence.
  • The applicant must also be in possession of a valid birth certificate and this must be duly endorsed by a Local Government Council, a Hospital or the National Population Commission. The applicant can also present court affidavit for declaration of age.
  • The applicant must never be a member of any fraternity, society or cult.
  • Any of the military personnel applying for this course is expected to be in possession of valid military identity card. He/she must also present letters of recommendation and this letter must be written and duly signed by the Commanding Officer or Commanders of such applicant. The military applicants are also expected to present a valid letter of Nigerian Army sponsorship in a tertiary academic institution.  Before the army applicant can be considered for this course, he/she must also present evidence that he/she has served in the Nigeria Army for a minimum of 5 years.
  • The candidate must also provide letter of attestation issued by his/her former institution of learning before he/she can be considered for admission.
  • The applicant needs to present letters of recommendation from minimum of 2 referees. The referees must also be recognizable individuals in the society.  These referees are expected to give attestation to the applicant’s integrity and character.  Civilians applying for the Nigerian Army Short Service Course can be recommended by at least an Assistant Commissioner of Police or any higher police officer and this officer is expected to be from the state of origin of the said applicant. He/she can also be recommended by a Lieutenant Colonel of a higher military officer. Also, he/she can be recommended by a Local Government Secretary or Local Government Chairman.  In the case of military applicants, they are expected to be recommended by their Commanding Officer.
  • All original copies of primary, secondary and post secondary education certificates must also be tendered by the applicants before they can be considered for the course.
  • The applicant must not have any tattoo or inscription on their bodies.
  • The applicant is eq1ually expected to present telephone numbers and contact addresses of parents or guardians as well as Next of Kin.
  • The candidate must have minimum of first degree and he/she must not have lower than Second Class Lower Division. HND holders are also given equal opportunity like B.Sc. holders; they too must not have lower than Lower Credit in any field of human endeavour, like humanities, sciences and arts. Such certificate must have been obtained from a well recognized higher institution of learning.
  • The applicant must never have been convicted by a court of law before. Any military personnel applying for the course must not be facing any disciplinary case; the commanding officer is expected to endorse this.
  • The applicant must be at least 1.68m tall for male and 1.65m tall for female.
  • Those applying for the Nigerian Army Short Service Course are expected to be fit physically, mentally and medically. Such measure of fitness should be in line with standards of the Nigerian Army.  This fitness standard will be made available to all applicants.
  • Individuals applying can be either male or female and they must fall within the age range of 24 to 29 years old as at the time of application.
  • Anyone applying for the course must be a Nigerian
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How to Apply for Nigerian Army Short Service

After completion of the course, the graduate is granted the rank of a Second Lieutenant.  Visit the Nigerian army application portal at to apply. You will see the Qualification Criteria on the website.

Make sure you read through it very carefully.  On the home page in that website, click on SSC Application. Fill the form presented to you on the new page that opens up.

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After filling all the required information, an email notification will be sent to you. The notification will contain your login details.  It is very important that you keep this information in a safe and secured place to ensure no other person has access to it except yourself.

Afterwards, click on Login and this will take you to a page where you can log into your account using the username and password you provided while registering.

Required documents

A number of documents need to be provided when filling the application form for Nigerian Army Short Service Course.  Some of the required documents are highlighted below:

  • Age declaration or birth certificate
  • Certificate of state of origin
  • Evidence of membership of professional body
  • Educational certificates
  • Passport photograph.

All these documents must be uploaded when you are applying for the Nigerian Army Short Service Course. This means you need to get them ready before you start the application process.

After successfully filling the form, you will be shown a photo-slip on the computer screen. You are required to print out this photo-slip. A Court of Law is required to sign the first page of the photo-slip.

A Lieutenant Colonel or higher ranking military personnel originating from your state, your Local Government Secretary or Local Government chairman is required to sign the second page. This duly signed photo-slip is expected to be made available by successful candidates during the interview and it should be presented to the selection board.




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