Choosing sport headphones is quite a challenge. For ordinary listeners, good headphones should have high-quality sound, good sound insulation, be comfortable and beautiful. However for the active listener, headphones must be tougher than their regular siblings, feature sweat-resistant designs and a snug fit that ensure they stay in place during your activities. Shop for headphones at Find a full selection of headphones and earbuds designed for different lifestyles. Meantime, check Meizu’s EP51 earbuds that are not only well-built and well-balanced, and are priced just right. They may be difficult to find, but they’re worth tracking down.


Headphones look quite stylish. Red cable emphasizes the sports component, and black-silver cups complement it. They are nicely constructed, with aircraft-grade aluminum, and weigh only 15 grams. There are magnets placed on aluminum ends of the earbuds, which keep them locked together when stored or when worn around the neck to avoid them dropping to the ground. They are solid and look slick. The headphones are sweat-protected by the IPX4 standard, but the company doesn’t recommend using them in the rain.

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The headphones have three buttons that are located on the remote control – on / off and volume control. You can switch tracks, answer calls, pause, etc. Also on the console there is a Micro USB for charging. The wireless reception is great, matching the usual Bluetooth 4.0 range of 10 meters before the signal starts to fade out. The battery life of the built-in battery is 6 hours, and they are charged using a complete micro-USB cable for less than two hours.


The biggest problems with headphones are just with soundproofing. While running, or traveling by road on a bicycle is a huge plus, however, while working in the office, you will hear the conversations of your colleagues, which is definitely a minus. In any case, the sound quality is decent. This is not a hi-end pair of headphones, but the sound is balanced. There’s a reasonable amount of clarity and if you can get a tight seal, the bass is satisfyingly punchy. The bass isn’t incredibly tight and the sound feels a bit recessed at times, most people will be happy with the sound. Unfortunately, the call quality is not great, as usual, the company included a low-quality microphone.

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These aren’t the most detailed headphones, but they do sound particularly good when you’re listening to electronic or hip-hop music, and they maintain a mostly hiccup-free wireless connection. So small shortcomings aside, you’re getting a lightweight, comfortable wireless headphone that are great for outdoors.

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