Masters Program in University Of Ibadan: All You Should Know


University of Ibadan is undoubtedly one of the best universities in Nigeria. All the programs offered at the school are of top quality. The educational standard is world class; this is not surprising anyway, considering the fact that the institution is the 4th best institution of higher learning in Africa.

Masters Program in University Of Ibadan: All You Should Know

The institution has up to 7,000 Masters Degree students on admission and it is one of the best schools for Masters Degree program.  Are you planning on registering for Masters Degree program in university of Ibadan and you would need one or two information as background before you go ahead with the process?

You will be given very helpful information about the Masters Degree program in university of Ibadan in this write up.  Read on to find out how things operate in this institution.

Requirements for admission

For a student to be considered for University Of Ibadan Masters Degree Program, he/she is expected to have graduated from the university of Ibadan or other recognized university in Nigeria or other countries of the world. The Faculty of Postgraduate Committee is saddled with the responsibility of determining admission requirements and finalizing on admission list.

Professional Degree of Masters or Degree of Masters are programs into which any student that has no history of graduating from a recognized university can be admitted into. Any student that has graduated with Research Higher Degree can be admitted to Ph.D or M.Phil degree programs. This is subject to the decision of the Faculty Postgraduate Committee.

Admission can be granted on temporary basis pending the time the student’s assessment reports are made available by the relevant authorities. The Faculty of Postgraduate Committee is responsible for setting up the panel for the report assessment.

Types of admission

University Of Ibadan Masters Degree Program is offered in different programs, namely Full-Time program, Part-Time program and Occasional studded program.

A student must satisfy the requirements of the Postgraduate School for him/her to be granted admission into full-time postgraduate program, which includes graduation from a recognized university.

The student must prove that he/she is not in employment in order to be considered for full-time admission. The student must have been relieved of all employments. A candidate may be asked to withdraw from the university if he/she is found to have provided false information in this regard.

An individual, who is a member of the academic staff in university of Ibadan automatically, qualifies for part-time Masters Degree program in the institution.

Aspiring students that are not members of academic staff of the institution on the other hand must satisfy the Postgraduate School that facilities for their works as part-time students are adequate.  Evidence of release by employers may be demanded from the aspiring part-time degree students.

Those seeking postgraduate admission as Occasional Students must meet the minimum entry requirements of the postgraduate program.  Such aspiring students must also be recommended by the Faculty Postgraduate Committee.  Such a student will however not be awarded Masters Degree by the University of Ibadan.

Application forms

The aspiring student can download the application form for University Of Ibadan Masters Degree Program from their website at The cost of the application form may change.

However, the current cost is N15,000 for academic programs and N18,000 for professional programs.  The student is equally expected to sit for Test of Proficiency in English Language and the test will cost the student N2,500.

The student is expected to fill the form and also submit it online.  The student can get invoice for the forms from any of the accredited banks by the institution. Banks used by the institution are Skye and GTB. The aspiring student is expected to provide all required information so as to prevent halt of action or delay in registration.

The candidate is not allowed to apply for more than one postgraduate degree program. All relevant credentials are to be uploaded along with the application form. The applicant will then be notified electronically about the status of admission process.

The applicant is expected to provide an email address during registration and this will be used in communicating with the student.

The applicant is expected to provide 3 Letters of Recommendation from any 3 of the faculty members. Such recommendation letters can equally be provided by any 3 individuals that are accustomed with the academic works of the applicant.

The referee forms can be downloaded by the applicant online. The forms are also expected to be submitted online. The student’s transcript is expected to be sent by mail to the Postgraduate School.  The transcript must be submitted on time so that it will not constitute delay in admission processing.

There is no form of discrimination when considering applicants for University Of Ibadan Masters Degree Program.  No form of discrimination on the basis of physical deformity, ethnic origin, national origin, religion, age or gender.

Admission is based only on merit.  The student is expected to have minimum of Second Class Upper Division before he/she can be considered for admission; this rule also holds for foreign students seeking admission into University Of Ibadan Masters Degree Program.

An applicant is expected to score minimum of 40% in the English Language Proficiency test before he/she can be considered for admission into University Of Ibadan Masters Degree Program. This is the same for foreign students.

The foreign students are equally expected to provide 3 letters of recommendation just like it is the case with indigenous students. Some masters degree programs require that the student comes for interview before he/she can be considered for admission into that particular program.

The Masters Degree program you plan to register for must correspond to the first degree certificate you obtained and present to the school authority in your transcript.


In the event you need more information about University Of Ibadan Masters Degree Program, you can send email to or you can visit their website at You will surely be furnished with all the information you need via these routes.

The website contains latest information regarding registration fees, registration date, screening process and date and lots more. The school requests that all correspondence relating to postgraduate programs and admission should be forwarded to The Secretary, Postgraduate School, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria,




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