Man Beheads Younger Brother for Money Rituals


Police men in Uganda have captured a 21-year-old man who apparently decapitated his 7-year-old brother so he can utilize his head for money rituals.

As indicated by NTVUganda, the man recognized as Herbert Were murdered his brother, Joel Ogema both inhabitants of Busia region on the Kenya-Uganda outskirt. The police uncovered that Mr. Were admitted that he decapitated his younger brother in the wake of being told to do as such by an individual from Illuminati in Kampala.

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Uganda police representative Fred Enanga said: “Were has told us that he cut off his brother’s head but we arrested him on the way to meet the alleged Illuminati member who had asked for the head.”

Enanga disclosed Were who chosen to spend a night in a companion’s home in the wake of slaughtering his brother was discovered when he nodded off in the companion’s place. The companion who was suspicious of Were chosen to check the pack and was stunned when he saw a crisp human head.

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The companion hurried to the police and reported the matter. Police captured Were who instantly admitted that he beheaded his brother and even told police about the individual he had been speaking with on telephone and facebook about the head.

Police captured a Kampala music promoter, Jeff Kiwanuka regarding the homicide on suspicion that he was the Illuminati kindred who gave Were directions.

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