List of Nigerian Newspapers (Online & Offline)


There are so many newspapers operating in Nigeria today. Some of them have been in existence for a very long time and there are some other ones that were just formed recently.


Some of them have online presence and there are some other ones that only operate offline; these later ones are referred to as print media. Whether they operate online or offline, they all have the same goal, which is to get Nigerians informed.

In actual fact, the entrance of the internet has made it so easy for new news outlets to be formed. The internet provides a cheaper way to operate Newspaper Company. It is also a more profitable means than the conventional printing method. It ensures Nigerians have access to news and information immediately such information happens.

Via the internet, many more Nigerians can access breaking news immediately. In those days when the only form of information was through print media, people would have to wait for Top of the Hour News before they could get informed. Those who could not listen to news would have to wait for the next morning newspaper in order to get informed.

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However, the coming of the internet has changed all that. People do not need to even listen to radio or even read newspaper again in order to get informed.

In this write-up, the list of online and offline newspapers operating in Nigeria will be provided.


Blueprint Newspaper



Business Day

Business Hallmark

City Voice Newspaper

The Punch (National)
The Guardian
Vanguard (Delta)
Nigerian Tribune
The Nation

New Nigeria Times


Complete Sports
Daily Champion

The Reflector

Daily Times of Nigeria

Entertainment Express

EyeWitness101 News

First Africa News





Daylight Nigeria


National Network

New Lagos Times Newspaper

New Telegraph

Newsday Reporters

News Direct

The Beam News

News watch


NOG Intelligence


Nigerian Pilot Newspaper

Newsday Newspaper

Osun Defender

P.M. News

Peoples Daily


Port Harcourt Telegraph

Premium Times

The Awareness



The Union

The Union

Tell Magazine

The News Chronicle

This day



The News Journal

The Post

The Point

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Royal Times

E Reporter

Nigerian Alert Newspaper

View Nigeria

The Summary

Global Concord

Premium Herald

Business Dispatch


Wetinhappen Nigeria

The Rezponder

Ososo Times
This Day
Daily Independent (Abuja &Lagos)
National Mirror Newspapers (National)
Channels Television
Premium Times
Osun Defender (Osun)
Daily Times (Lagos & Abuja)
Complete Sports (Oyo, Ibadan, Lagos Abuja)
Compass (Lagos, Portharcourt, Abuja, Ibadan)
Nigeria World
Daily Post (Lagos)
The Nigerian Observer (Edo State, Benin City)
Businessday News
Next (National)
The Advocate (Enugu)
Champion News
The People’s Daily (National)
Daily Newswatch
Nigerian Pilot (Abuja)
National Daily Newspaper (Lagos)
Sahara Reporters
The Sun News Online (Ismahi)
The Sun (Lagos)
Leadership Nigeria (Abuja)
Daily Trust (Abuja)
PM News (Lagos)
Business News
The Tide (River State)
Weekly Trust
The Abuja Inquirer (Abuja, Port Harcourt, Lagos, Asaba, Kaduna)
Urhobo Voice (Delta)
Sunday Trust (Kaduna)
National Accord (Abuja)
Daily Post Nigeria
The Times of Nigeria (Abuja)
Nigeria 24 News
Tell (Lagos)
Announcer Express (Owerri Imo State)
Naijaleaks (Lagos)
The Triumph Newspapers (Kano )
Nigerian News
FreshFacts (FCT-Abuja) [In English])
The Dawn (Abuja)
The Moment




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