Lesb!anism in Nigeria: Is It Really Common?


What is lesb!anism?
It is a form of female homo$exuality. Some are of the opinion that it is a normal thing, but the truth remains that there is no biological, physiological or anatomical support for this idea. It is equally certain that living as a lesbian is a direct disruption of physical, natural and spiritual laws. Lesb!anism in Nigeria and several other countries of the world is outlawed; that is, it is illegal. Anyone found involved can end up in jail. Many of the western worlds on the other hand seem to see from the other side of things as they are promoting the idea of lesb!anism; they even seem to honour those who live such lifestyle.
Coming back to Nigeria, how common or otherwise is lesb!anism? Truth is one cannot actually give a straight answer to this question. This is because many of those who are involved in this kind of lifestyle do not come out to the open, especially since the Nigerian government, during the reign of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, had passed into law bill forbidden lesb!anism. Many of those who are involved in it therefore do it in secret and do not come out to be identified. However, there had been words from the raven regarding these things and those who are involved in it. In conclusion, one can only make conjectures as regards how common Lesb!anism is in Nigeria.

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Lesb!anism In sports
NFF Vice president, Mr. Seyi Akinwumi, once said lesb!anism is having a slowing effect on development of female football in Nigeria. He stated that occurrence of lesb!anism is somewhat common in female football from a global perspective. He said many individuals who would love to invest in female football do shy away simply because they see the game as a place for promoting lesb!anism. Many sportswomen are said to be guilty in this regard. Not just female football is involved; there are a number of other female- related sports that are equally culpable. Be that as it may, one cannot say all sportswomen are involved. Yet, there is no specific data to give one a clear understanding of sportswomen involved in this.

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Lesb!anism in showbiz
Some of those involved in showbiz are equally guilty of being lesb!ans. There are actually some of them that have voiced out in support of lesb!anism, claiming that it is part of human right. Just as it is the case with what happens in female sports, there is no specific data to indicate how many of them are involved.
Impact of religion
Nigeria is a deeply religious nation; whether or not the religious inclination of the country impacts our personal lives is discuss for another day. Religious inclination tends to curb such activities in the Nigerian society as many preachers frown at it. From the religious perspective, God made human beings as man and woman and he made man to naturally fall in love with a woman. In actual fact, the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were both destroyed because of homo$exuality. This line of tutelage tends to curb tendency of lesb!anism among Nigerians to a great extent.


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