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The Lagos Business School is the foremost business school in Nigeria. The history of this prestigious business school can be traced to 1992 when school was incorporated as the Centre for Professional Communication.

In 2002, the CPC evolved into the Lagos Business School (LBS) when the Federal Government of Nigeria approved the establishment of Pan-African University which is now called the Pan Atlantic University that same year. LBS was the first school of this newly formed University.

In 2016, LBS became the first institution in West Africa to be accredited by the Association of Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). This accreditation put the school among the top 5% business schools in the world that are accredited by this body.

In 2017, the school was placed 55th in the Financial Times’ ranking of top open enrolment programme providers worldwide, a position it has maintained since 2006.

Lagos Business School Short Courses ([year])

Short Courses at Lagos Business School

If you’re looking to take any short course at the Lagos Business School, we’ve provided a list of the courses available in the school

Advanced Management Programme

Also known as AMP, this short course is tailored to meet the training needs of executive directors and members of executive management teams of large organisations. These participants are typically in positions in which it is no longer needed to be highly performing specialists as they are focused on integrating the work of their departments with that of other departments.

The major learning tool is the case study method. Also, role-play and simulation games are used to help the participants revolutionise their thinking and position them strategically to make vital decisions that will enhance the growth of their organisations.

AMP is focused on refining key management and leadership skills required to run large organisations. Also, there are opportunities to networking with other executives from various sectors of industry.

If you are C-level executive and you’re looking to enrol in this courses, some of the other benefits include

  • Expand and broaden your view of business, leveraging on learning and interaction from a diverse mix of professional peers.
  • Engage in practical sessions with successful Nigerian and international CEOs operating in different industries.
  • Get exposed to international best practices and an enlarged international network comprising influencers of several nationalities.
  • Get an integrated view of a business as a whole in relation to its main markets in the local and international economies.
  • Learn realistic and time-honoured methods of coping with the ambiguity and uncertainty in today’s business world.
  • If you’re a director or members of the Executive management team, you will be well equipped to become the next CEO of your organization.

This programme is structured in a Modular format and is delivered within 5 months of one intensive week per month.

Owner Manager Programme

This is a short course that is designed to meet the training needs of owners / managing directors of small and medium scale organisations. The programme has been developed to enables these managers exchange experiences with  counterparts on various key areas of management with a view to enabling them return to the organisation with the knowledge and skills to competitively position their businesses well into the future.

Senior Management Programme

Also known as the SMP, the programme helps to build the personal skills that you need as a senior manager to achieve an immediate and measurable improvement in contributing to your organisation.

Also, you will receive good basic grounding in the main management disciplines and above all do a lot of work in building up your personal skills. As an executive, the SMP will increase and enhance your strategic thinking capabilities.

The case study method is a major learning tool used in the programme. Additionally, role-play and simulation games are adapted to help you revolutionise your thinking and position you strategically to make vital decisions that will enhance and quicken the growth of your organisation.

The SMP is a six-week program, spread over 6 months, that guides senior leaders in honing their leadership and strategic capabilities. The program provides an optimal learning environment, with a diverse participant cohort for better peer learning, and a global, lifelong network of trusted peers.

Some of the benefits of this program include:

  • Achieve an integrated view of the organisation in line with the local and the international market economy.
  • Analyse economic risk.
  • Confirm and broaden technical competence at managerial level.
  • Develop ethical competence at work and home.
  • Build interpersonal skills, hone emotional intelligence and increase teaming capabilities.
  • Prepare for future top leadership roles in their organisations
  • Through all these, enable the achievement of corporate (and personal) goals.

The program is suited to meet the training needs of Functional Senior Managers, Regional Managers, Unit Heads and Assistant General Managers

This programme is structured in a Modular format and is delivered within 6 months with one intensive week of learning per month.

Agribusiness Management Program (AgMP)

The AgMP is an innovative and stimulating learning experience that integrates classroom knowledge and theory with action learning. It nurtures Agribusiness managers and leaders to apply practical skills and solutions to their roles in organisations.

At the end of the program, you should have achieved the following:

  • Adopt a learner-centred approach to learning opportunities including classroom lectures, discussions, case studies, teamwork, simulations and skills practice.
  • Adopt accounting practices and financial tools to make wise fiscal and operational decisions, manage businesses and plan for success.
  • Adopt an action learning approach, with an emphasis on skills development and application of learning to field-based projects in your organisation.
  • Become exposed to current global, regional and domestic trends and market realities to enhance strategic capabilities and planning.
  • Become exposed to general management tools to execute for greater effectiveness and impact in organisational roles.
  • Deepen understanding of value chain linkages and build a network of diverse value chain players.
  • Understand the changing roles of policymakers and government agencies in shaping the value chain.
  • Understand the value chain linkages and players to inform the design of appropriate financial instruments.
  • Use strategic planning tools and management strategies to utilize the growing opportunities for processed food.

Additionally, the class will go on a field learning trip to a farm that has the complete agriculture value chain; from production to packaging. The chosen farm can be in Nigeria or a neighbouring country.

Overall, this programme is structured in a modular format and is delivered in 5 months. It consists of 3 modular blocks of 5 days each for a total of 15 contact days for the programme spread over five months.

Young Talents’ Programme

This is a one-day programme that helps schools establish an ongoing relationship with the brightest university students in the country prior to and after their graduation from the university. The primary objective of engaging with these talented students is to expose them to a world-class institution and short list suitable candidates for the LBS Management Scholarship Academy.

Management Acceleration Programme

The objective of this program is to help leaders and managers of organizations gain a competitive advantage in today’s talent driven economy, organisations must build sustainable talent pipelines. They need to invest as much effort and resources in developing their early-career high potential talent into tomorrow’s leaders. This is critical, as the future success of the 21st century organisation depends on its ability to develop these promising professionals to handle the various challenges associated with navigating the increasingly complex organisational and market terrain in a rapidly evolving global context of organizations.

While the programme design draws from LBS’ experience in creating transformational educational experiences for high potential managers over the last two decades, as well as practical insights from skilled talent managers, it is to be particularly relevant to the new and upcoming generation of future leaders. It is designed to enhance emerging leaders’ performance readiness, fast-track their careers and accelerate their impact in their organisations.

At the end of this programme, you’re expected to have achieved the following:

  • Become a competent and confident manager.
  • Develop clear aims and plans for ongoing personal & professional development using monitoring tools provided to support continuous development.

This programme is structured in a modular format and is delivered within 4 months of one intensive week (4days) in every 2 months.

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