Jumia Online Shopping: 10 Reasons to Shop @ Jumia Nigeria


The online shopping industry is booming by the day and many more Nigerians now prefer to place order for goods and services right online. In times past, very few online outlets were available in Nigeria. But today, the tide has turned; Nigerians now have several options at their fingertips.


They can decide to choose among so many online outlets to make their purchase from with each of these online outlets providing specific kinds of services that make the customer to always want to come back for more.

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One of the several online shopping outlets in Nigeria is Jumia.com. This online shopping outlet is also among the very first to open shop in Nigeria. Since they have started operation till today, Jumia has made a name for itself.

It is considered as the best online shopping outlet by many Nigerians. These individuals rating the website surely have good reasons to insist on this. In this write-up, you will be hinted on very good reasons why Jumia is the best online shopping outlet where you can buy any product you may be interested in.

Wide shopping options

When you shop at Jumia.com, you will have access to wide varieties of products that you can choose from. There is virtually no item you may want to buy that is not available on Jumia. Just mention it and Jumia has it.

When they started, the number of items available on sale was few. However, things are very different these days. It is now possible to get just any item to buy on Jumia.  This is just one of the several reasons that set the outlet apart from the crowd. It is undoubtedly you one-stop shop for any item you may want to buy online.

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Genuine products

All the products being sold on Jumia are also genuine. You will never have to bother about originality when shopping on Jumia. The company has taken time to properly investigate and inspect all the products being sold on their website and they make sure only top quality products from verifiable sources are displayed for sale on the website.

This way, their customers can be assured of originality of the product they may want to buy. This assurance of quality makes Jumia your best spot for all online purchase.

If you, therefore want to make purchase online and you want to have complete peace of mind on the item you want to buy, the best place to visit is no other place than Jumia. You will never regret making your purchase from this site.

Very few websites can provide you with top quality and completely verified products like Jumia. Many other websites will only display items on their website without properly investigating such items to find out if they are of top quality or not. This is never the case with Jumia. They are more interested in pleasing their customers than just making money.

Long years of service

Jumia had been around for a very long time now. In fact, they are among the very few online shopping outlets to start operation in Nigeria. they are around the second outlet in Nigeria to provide such service, but they are actually the most popular among all the outlets that are offering this kind of service.

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Despite the fact that many other outlets are now offering similar service in Nigeria, Jumia has already made a name for itself and none of these new entrants has been able to overshadow the outlet in terms of originality and reliability.

If you are looking for top quality products, the best outlet to consult is one that had been around for a very long time. Jumia had been around for long and they have built a wonderful reputation over the years.

You can trust them to always provide top quality services since they will not want to damage their enviable reputation online in Nigeria. You will never be making mistake if you trust decide to buy any of your items from Jumia.

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Top class customer service

This is yet another factor that makes Jumia one of the best to patronize when you want to buy any product from an online shopping outlet in Nigeria. The shopping outlet is so much concerned with providing top class customer service and you will never be disappointed when you patronize them.

They are simply the best in all sense of the word and they are perfectly reliable. They have their contact address listed on their website. If you need to contact them for any reason whatsoever, you can just pick your phone and dial their number.

You can also make up your mind to visit their main office in Nigeria and they will respond to you in the most respectful manner.   Never again will you have to receive poor treatment from any online outlets; with Jumia, you will never get it wrong.

When you call them, they always respond in the friendliest manner. They will provide you with all the information you may require. You will love everything about the service being offered by this outlet.

Free home delivery

This is one other outstanding feature that sets Jumia apart from the crowd. Many other online shopping outlets operating in Nigeria claim they too can provide free home delivery, but it is unfortunate that many of them are not professional in the way they go about this service. Many of them are also far from being sincere.

This is never the case with Jumia. They fulfill every promise they make to their customers.  If they promise to deliver at your doorstep, they will deliver at your doorstep.

Before now, Jumia only provided free home delivery within the Lagos metropolis. However, things have changed these days; Jumia now provide free home delivery all across Nigeria.

In which part of the country are you residing? You can trust Jumia to bring any product you have ordered right to your doorstep and it will all be for free.   This way, you can save lot of money when you buy items from Jumia. Reliability is one of the features that make them the best.

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Easy-to-navigate website

Jumia’s website is also one of the factors that contribute to their special status in Nigeria. The website is very easy to navigate and you will easily locate any item you want to buy without having to search to the end of the world. They have designed the website in such a way that you can search for any particular item and you will have it presented right before you within seconds.

This therefore makes shopping very easy on Jumia unlike what obtains on several other online shopping outlets operating in Nigeria.

The items being sold on Jumia are categorized into different sections. You can visit any particular section to have access to arrays of items available for sale in that section. The prices of these items are also clearly listed on the website. This way, you will know exactly how much you are paying for the item you want to buy on the website.

Aside from the information provided about the price, Jumia also provide the buyer with helpful information about the particular item they may want to buy.  They provide some form of highlights that will give you an idea of the product you want to buy at a glance. This way, the customer can make informed decision about specific items you want to buy.

Aside from the summary provide on each of the items on sale, the customer can also read p what other customers have to say about the particular item. The reviews on those items are given by real human customers like you, who had bought and used the item you plan to buy.

You can get to learn from these customers about how reliable or otherwise the particular item is. There is no better way to conclude on a product than this before you place your hard earned money on it.

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Highly affordable

The products sold on Jumia are highly affordable. With the help of Jumia, never again will you have to spend your last dime on any item. Never again will you have to break a bank to buy any product. You can buy all the products being sold on the site at highly affordable rate. The beauty of it al is that all these products are of very high quality.

If you have been charged too high on some other websites, you can give Jumia a try and you will be surprised at the affordable prices they offer on this website.  Also, Jumia offers price cut on all the products they sell. There are times they can give the customer up to 40% price cut.

The price cut can be higher than this at other times.  The price cut does not change the quality of the products being sold on Jumia. There is no sense in buying any item expensively on other online shopping outlets when you can buy it at a far cheaper rate at Jumia.


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