How To Get Jobs Through Social Media: Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

Getting a job is a job itself and as we explained in the ebook on the strategies to getting your dream job there are also a variety of ways to scout for jobs apart from the conventional method of just submitting your resume online.

Getting Jobs Through Social Media

Below are steps on how to get jobs via social media:

FACEBOOK: What better way to start other than Facebook, this social media giant has over a billion users on it. Thousands of  companies know they can reach more audience and customers through this social media and are now on this platform.

Also there are so many dedicated job searching sites on this platform, all you need to do is like them and whenever there is an opening you will always be the first to know.

Furthermore, you need to tweak some settings on your profile so your potential employer can see your relevant work and educational information. Setting your profile public enables others to see your professional history as Facebook has added a “professional skills” part to the site.

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Updating your relevant work experience would give you an edge over many job seekers with stagnant profile page as employers prefer snapping up people that would add recent and relevant values to them.

TWITTER: Twitter has become an official channel of communication to millions of firms and individuals. With its easy to understand functionality, this social media is also a very good medium for getting jobs.

Simply use that search box to good use by using words such as “Vacancy” “Apply” or other specific keywords that fit into your desired field. Some organizations that want to cast a wide net will often tweet out job applications.

You can also use the “Follow” button to follow potential employers and job search websites that regularly tweet job openings.

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LINKEDIN: We saved the best for last as this article wouldn’t be complete if LinkedIn is not on the list. This is an official job “hunting” site, a website built around networking or connecting with people who have careers you’re interested in. Thousands of employers use LinkedIn as their official source when looking for a specific professional or employee.

With LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to list all possible job experience, educational and professional degrees you have acquired. You can also get recommendation from your peers as this would really boost your LinkedIn profile.

There is a member stories page on LinkedIn where users share their testimonies on their job hunting success. Not only does the site provide you with advice and connections, but it also has a jobs board displaying available opportunities in nearly every field possible.


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