How to Build Open Relationships: A Detailed Guide

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There are girls who know that regular sɘx and a certain amount of orgaƨms received from you are not yet an excuse to make far-reaching conclusions and mentally try on your surname. They do not throw their toothbrushes and hair bands secretly into your apartment. They do not start talking like: “Where do our relations go?” (Because you have no relationship). They do not expect, do not hope, and do not particularly believe that you will become a full-fledged couple, and, as a result, they are not eager to fill your life with their presence. You can read more about here

And there are all the other girls. Those that eventually start to invent romantic stories about you two and your future together. If you decided for yourself that your communication will not lead to a serious love affair, you need to immediately demonstrate this and set the tone for your relationship. And you can do this with the help of our guide:

1. Do not try to change her appearance. Even if it seems to you that the short haircut looks better for her than long hair, and her black manicure does not go well with a bright red lipstick, do not tell her about it. Firstly, she can take it as an insult, and secondly, she will think that you want to change her for yourself, and this can mean a serious attitude on your part.

2. Introduce her to your friends carefully. To absolutely isolate the woman from strangers and to meet her only behind the closed doors of a bedroom is almost impossible. Therefore, choose the most simple, fun and indifferent to someone else’s personal life friends for a friendly get-together. It’s great if they all are bachelors. But the girl will perceive dinner in the company of a married couple as a signal of readiness for a serious relationship.

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3. Do not get acquainted with her relatives. If something can instantly kill the frivolous fleur of your “relationship without a relationship”, then this is an invitation to a family celebration.

4. Tactically ignore the talk about money. It’s such a woman’s test: to tell the guy about her financial problems – and watch how he reacts. If you offer help, money or express a deep sympathy, then, in theory, you are ready for commitment. Therefore, your only correct reaction to such conversations is neutral behavior. Turn the conversation to her appearance (do compliments) – it always works.

5. Tell fewer details. “Why did not you call me for three days?” – “I was busy.” “How are things at work?” – “Yes, everything is as usual”. “Where did you get this scar on the bridge of your nose?” – “It is a bullet of a robber”. That’s how your answers should look. No, we do not encourage you to play a spy, making a state secret from any fact of your biography. Just tell the girl a minimum of details about the part of life in which she is not and will not ever be.

6. Forget about jealousy and control. It’s none of your business who calls her there every night, who is that bearded hipster who leaves comments on her Facebook page and who is Andreas, whose name she perpetuated as a tattoo on her right buttock. Own instinct is a part of almost all human beings. But to show it is allowed only to those who agree to the status of an official “owner”.

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7. Plan for a maximum of a week in advance. Suggest to see her next Thursday is ok. But to agree on where to go for the New Year, how to celebrate your anniversary (which will be only in May) and whether to buy a “subscription for a couple” in a fitness club is a straight road to the status of a “constant boyfriend.”

8. You do not have to rush to her if she’s sick. If the girl understands that you are ready and glad to see her in woolen socks, with a red nose and watery eyes, the program “to marry at any cost”, included inside her brain, will be enabled. It’s better to abstain from meetings until her complete recovery.

9. Do not make joint photos. Refrain from having her beautiful face appear on your page in social networks. She will like this and she will make false conclusions, which will be piously believed.

Whether you will get an open relationship depends entirely on you. The girl in this case plays a secondary role. Be sure that our guide will work for 100%, but first you have to decide – do you really want a “relationship without a relationship,” or you are afraid to admit to yourself that you fell in love with a girl and try to evade responsibility.

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