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Life is a series of topsy-turvies! One day we are up and the next day we are down. We all struggle with life challenges and it is such an amazing feeling to have a friend who lifts you up. Purple presents ‘The Self Help Series’ that aims to give you tips on how to grow and be better to achieve your true potentials!

Life’s a journey. Sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down. It is therefore very normal for the way you feel about yourself to be affected during those ‘down’ days. However, when you begin to constantly feel ‘down’ all the time, especially about yourself, you might be battling with low self-esteem issues.

People who suffer from low self-esteem issues always have negative thoughts about their worth and value as a person and are always quick to being too critical about themselves and also focus on the negatives instead of their great accomplishments. They never accept compliments given to them and always compare themselves with other people.Many people suffer from low self-esteem and although it is hard for them to admit it, low self-esteem is one of the major personal issues that people battle with.

From a girl who feels stuck in an abusive relationship and feels that no one else can love her for who she is, to a guy who is struggling to get a job and settle his mounting bills, there are many reasons why people suffer from low self-esteem. Other reasons that could cause the feeling of low self-esteem but are not restricted to these include:

Poor academic performances in school
Not feeling good enough
Feeling like the odd one out
Being neglected
Feeling bullied and abused
Being unemployed
Although you might not readily identify with any of the reasons for low self-esteem listed above, you can still take steps to building up your self-esteem and stand the chance of living a healthier and happy life. Purple brings to you the 8 key ways in which you can overcome low self-esteem in your life.

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Love Yourself
There is no else like you! Knowing this is the first step to loving and appreciating yourself. You have to start by being positive about yourself. Look in the mirror and give yourself some self love with positive talk. Commend yourself for your many achievements no matter how small, and be determined to work on the things you need improvement on without beating yourself up! Even if you can only think of one tiny thing, like “I’m a good cook.” that’s a step in the right direction.


Avoid Comparing Yourself To Others.

It is easy for us to feel jealous of our peers especially when they seem to be living the fabulous life. Try not to succumb to envy or measure the progress of your life by their standards. Be yourself and be content with wherever you find yourself but do not stop dreaming and hoping for a better future. Strive to be comfortable in your own skin! Remember that social media gives us a fake impression, life is complicated and messy for everyone, no matter how on point their selfies are.


Be Unafraid To Make Mistakes
Life is filled with risks. Many of our life endeavours are replete with risks. Do not be afraid to make mistakes on your life’s journey. Afterall, you are human and it is in our basic nature to make mistakes. So do not stress yourself up and take that risk! If things don’t work out, don’t be too hard on yourself, instead reflect on what you could do better next time.

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Perfection Is Nothing.
Aim to stop striving for perfection. You put yourself under unnecessary stress and pressure when you keep pushing for standards that are so high! There is beauty in imperfections. Do your best and try and be content with it.


Stand Up For Yourself

In abusive relationships or are being relentlessly bullied in their schools or workplaces. Abuse is one of the major causes of low self-esteem. Do not be afraid to stand up for yourself and walk out of an abusive relationship. You are special and you deserve better! It can be hard to do this alone, so if you don’t feel ready, start by confiding in a friend or family member.


Keep Up With Family And Friends

Confide in those close to you, just surrounding yourself with family members and friends that care about you and are willing to support you is a good self esteem booster! Don’t be afraid to let them know you need a bit of extra love.


Be Kind, Be Good, Be Helpful.

Being helpful and good to others is a good self esteem booster! Do not hesitate to be of help to people you meet everyday. Be quick to smile and you will see that you will light up your world and those around you


Be Patient

Time to change. Even though our culture encourages us to believe in quick-fixes and miracles, the truth is, getting over self-esteem problems is a lengthy process. So take small small steps, and eventually, you will get there.



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  2. Nichole | Wildly Alive

    Taking small steps to overcome low self esteem is such a big boost. It may take a long period of time but eventually you will get there. Thanks for reminding us!

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