Hot Nigerian Jobs: How to Get Them Now!


One of the major problems plaguing the Nigerian economy is unemployment. If you doubt it, try to make yourself available at one of the passing out parade ceremonies which signify the end of the one year compulsory youth service for Nigerian graduates. You will notice a lot of them with grim and worried faces as they ponder on the uncertainty of their futures in the Nigerian Labour market.

I graduated and did my National Youth Service several years ago and it is so sad to see that a lot of my colleagues are still unemployed. The few that are employed are not even gainfully employed; they just manage what they can get and hope for a better future.

Nonetheless, there are still a lot of people getting high paying jobs very easily and yes, here in Nigeria. How do they do it? Are they just lucky or are they the few that have ‘connections’?

Well, the truth is that these few are quick to realize what they want and how to get it. Getting good jobs in Nigeria is easy when you follow the steps I am about to analyze below.

What skills do you have?

I see a lot of people running after the hot jobs in Nigeria like telecommunication, oil and gas, investment banking and other jobs without really understanding how their skills are needed in these industries.

To avoid getting rejection letters, make a list of some of your skills and qualifications and figure out which Nigerian companies are in dire need of people with such skills.

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If you are a fantastic marketer for instance, you would already know that banks, insurance companies and manufacturing companies need marketers from time to time so your focus should be on such companies.

How good is your resume?

I have seen quite a lot of resumes in my lifetime and very few have been able to impress me. I once had to interview a lady for an accounting position and she brought me a very flimsy one-page resume, I felt insulted.

I had to convert the interview session to a resume writing training session. I made sure that I taught her how to put together a good resume and had her rewrite a satisfactory one before interviewing her. That took two days.

Please, try to make your resume or C.V as professional as possible. It says a lot about your personality. If you don’t know how to write it yourself, no problem- look around the internet for help or just pay a professional to write it for you.

Subscribe to Job Websites

There are lots of blogs and websites that focus on helping Nigerian graduates clinch their dream jobs. When you subscribe to such websites, you would be amongst the first persons to hear of any job opening or vacancies.

Some of them even forward C.V’s in their database directly to employers as long as they meet requirements of the job opening.

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Visit Recruiting Firms

One thing is clear, your dream job is not going to come looking for you; you have to go after it. A lot of companies engage the services of professional recruiting firms to help them get suitable candidates for various openings.

If you are able to locate such recruiting firms and have your C.V in their database, it becomes easy for them to recommend you to their numerous clients.

Distribute your resumes

Another thing that helps is distributing your C.V to companies that you are interested in working with. You never can tell, someone may spot your brilliantly written C.V and decide to cut you an offer.

Prepare for interviews

Remember that job hunting is a very competitive process, dozens of people are also gunning for those high paying jobs you have your eyes on so you must learn how to prepare yourself to beat the competition by impressing your interviewers.

Beware of Scammers

There are as many scam job adverts as there are genuine ones. The key to beating scammers to their game is to never pay a dime to anybody offering you a job. Genuine recruiters would never ask you to pay for jobs.

When you take these steps, landing your dream job is going to be a walk in the park for you.


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