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Reddington Hospital, Lagos

Reddington Hospital is a multi-specialist hospital located in Lagos, Nigeria. It is located at No. 12, Idowu Martins Street (Next to Mega Plaza) Victoria Island Lagos.  The Hospital also has a branch at 39, Isaac John Street, Ikeja GRA, Lagos. The hospital, which was first opened in January, 2001 specializes in providing medical care in […]

Health Insurance Companies in Nigeria

While nobody wishes to be sick, most people fall ill at one time or the other and to make matters worse, the sick could sometime come without warning. In some cases, they could come at a time whereby you just used all the cash on you for some major project and then you are stranded […]

10 Top Pharmaceutical Companies In Nigeria

Humans sometimes fall ill due to a lot of factors. These factors could either be natural or man made. Once a human falls ill, there is the need to nurse him/her back to health which could be challenging and must be undertaken carefully. This is because if an illness is not properly managed, it could […]

10 Tips To Stay Healthy

Everyday we tend to worry about what to eat, the only thing a Nigerian thinks of when they are hungry is how to feed their stomach without considering what they eat. Also we don’t really take care of ourselves we work from morning to night without thinking that the body also needs to rest.Here are […]

Natural Hair Care Tips

As it is said that “Experience is the best teacher” Most naturalist have the big challenge of hard hair. Maintaining my natural hair through the years it really got me to the point of relaxing my hair and after i did, in a year and half year or more i missed my natural hair, missed […]

3 Types of Breakfast To Avoid

How healthy do you think your breakfast is? Or do you just eat anything that becomes available every morning for breakfast? You have to make sure your breakfast is as healthy as possible because what you eat as breakfast may come out to decide how stable and well you are, to carry out your duties […]

Hospitals in Nigeria: 5 Best Private Hospitals in Nigeria

Hospitals in Nigeria can be categorized into primary, secondary and tertiary.  At any of the levels are both private and government hospitals.  Comprehensive health services are provided by the following best 5 private hospitals in Nigeria. 1. Lagoon Hospital Lagoon Hospital is a multi-branch set-up offering highly comprehensive healthcare services.  The hospital runs specialist clinics […]

5 Reasons Why Coffee Is Bad For You

It is no news that some people are addicted to caffeine and if you are a regular or addicted coffee consumer then you should limit the consumption of the product. Find five reasons below to make you reconsider drinking that cup of coffee. 1. Weakening of the Stomach Lining It has been observed that the […]

Bad Breath: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Bad breath which is known as halitosis medically is breath that has odor and also unpleasant or a horrible odor in the mouth. This odor can strike persistently at regular intervals, depending on the cause. In most cases, the bacteria that live in the mouth majorly on the rear of the tongue are the main […]

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