Google’s Allo Chat Messenger App: Features & How to Download


Be among the first people to download Allo Chat Messenger App. If you have not heard about Google’s Allo Chat Messenger, it is googles answer to Whatsapp and Skype.

The Allo chat app was talked about sometime back in May and four months after, Google has finally made the Allo Chat Messenger available for download. Whether this new app by google would compete against established messengers like WhatsApp & Skype is yet to be known but on a lighter note the Allo App has some cool features than makes it stand out from the usual chatting messengers out there, thereby creating a completely new market in the chatting ecosystem.


Features of the Allo Chat Messenger App

When you open the application for the first time google assistant is there from the very first moment you start the app which you can chat with or delete it you want. The menu can be opened from the left side of the screen by sliding to the right where you see basic settings such profile information and blocked contacts.

The Allo Chat Messenger virtual assistant interjects into a conversation with any contact. An instance of the virtual assistant is recommending some cool recognized restaurants or joints when someone types “Want to get a Shawarma”.

Another instance of the smart Allo virtual messenger is suggesting replies to your conversation with friends like saying “Good Thanks” when someone asks you how you are doing in any conversation. Some other cool features of the Allo app are sending daily sports news of your favorite team or weather update for the day if you configure it to give you updates daily.

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The concept of the whole smart Allo virtual chat assistant is to keep the conversation flowing and interesting, and at the same time making it fun so you don’t have to switch between Allo and another app such as google search to get basic information on the ongoing conversation. Although the app’s intelligent is still a little limited, it gets better with time as it continues to learn about you.

Under the general settings, you can set your profile, change your default chat notification sounds, vibration settings, media download and some other basic stuff.

You can engage in a conversation with anyone that you have their phone number although they won’t see any special feature and neither will they see your phone number unless they also have the Allo App downloaded on their mobile device.

Just like other chat messengers, the Allo Chat App can also allow you to snap photos and instantly share to friends, share locations, share images, mark the image being shared, share video, send  smileys, send stickers and also download more fun stickers if you require more. You can also do a group chat with on Allo just like every other messengers does.

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One big feature of the Allo app is the incognito chat mode where you can send encrypted messages in complete privacy. While in incognito mode, google’s data collection is turned off and you can’t make use of the Google’s virtual chat assistant. You can set messages to expire and get deleted after a specified time.

To me the coolest feature is the ability to chat with the virtual assistant where you can ask questions and it responds back to you almost immediately. It does not answer every question you ask but it sure answers basic questions and it does make a lot of sense by telling jokes and playing games.

Try asking the virtual assistant what it can do and see its response to have a clearer and better understanding of how it works. You can also make the virtual assistant learn more about you by making it ask you questions about yourself and answering it.

How and Where to Download Google’s Allo Chat Messenger App

The Allo Chat App is already available for download and you can get the app on Google’s Play Store and Iphone’s App Store.

Download Allo, install on your mobile device and start chatting away!!!



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