Get Any Girl’s Phone Number with These 8 Tips


How often do you succeed in getting a phone number of some attractive girl? Unfortunately, it happens quite rarely to most people. Human psychology is complicated enough and we do many things under the influence of our current mood. So if a girl isn’t in the mood for flirting, she might instantly reject you. Here is the simple strategy of how you can increase your chance to win her heart (or her number at least). You should also learn some great compliments for a Ukrainian girl if you want to win her heart

#1 Get her interested in you

As a rule, you can’t just approach a random girl you like and get her contact information; it is necessary to build rapport. Especially if you want to potentially take this acquaintance to another level (say, she is a really great woman), you have to attract her. Have meaningful conversations, do nice little things for her, and be proactive!

Get Any Girl’s Phone Number with These 8 Tips

#2 Catch the moment

Most guys ask girls to give their phone numbers to them in the beginning or at the very end of a conversation. And this is wrong. The probability of success will be the highest if you ask at the moment of excitement! Find what amazes both of you and use it as the reason to obtain her contact info. Invite her to attend some event or visit some place linked to your common interests. It doesn’t even have to a date, just a fun meeting.

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#3 Tell, don’t ask

If you are familiar with NLP, you probably know how important it is to formulate your statements right. By saying “Can I have your number?” or “Could you give it to me?”, you demonstrate uncertainty and doubt. It’s like you are asking her permission. Yet most women want to see a man’s confidence and his ability to be a leader. Be more straightforward! Use constructions like “Please give me your phone number” to show your intentions.

#4 Give her your number

Another way to encourage a girl to submit her contact details is to make the first move first. Masculinity is normally reflected in your deeds; by taking the initiative, you project manliness. Use it as a reverse technique: you suggest that she get your phone number so she feels the urge to provide you with her own one.

#5 Suggest what she can do when she gets it

Why should she reveal her contact info? Seriously, you need to know the answer. There must be something that will make her want to deepen the connection with you, be it your brilliant sense of humor or your strong knowledge of the Star Wars universe. Imagine that you actually invite her to continue some discussion and imply it in your verbal message.

#6 Ask her to call you

Sometimes, you don’t need to tell her to do what you want. You just write down your phone number and let her know she is free to contact you for some reason – this is what I’ve already mentioned. In this case, she oughtn’t to share her personal details in return and feels no pressure. It is all up to her how to act!

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#7 Don’t get her number in some sneaky way

Since we meet lots of hot people online, there sometimes is the temptation to obtain her phone number from her profiles on social networks or via her friends. Personally, I don’t recommend you do so because a girl might be offended by such intrusion in her private space. How would you like it if a random lady started texting/calling you for no good reason? That’s why you should let her get to know you first!

#8 Text her soon enough

How long should I wait before contacting her again? Men are obsessed with this question. Some experts say you should follow the “three-day” rule and some recommend that you text her immediately. In fact, you need to find the golden mean. For instance, if you meet her in the morning, feel free to have a chat in the evening; if this happens late in the evening, do it next day. This is the best time to remind her of yourself and continue your previous conversation.


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