GEJ vs GMB: Whom Do You Prefer? And Why?

Right now, nothing is more in-vogue in Nigeria than the upcoming 2015 general elections.

There have been lots of propaganda and counter-propaganda, promises, opinions, fears, uproars, and concerns over the presidential elections and the two candidates.

jonathan vs buhari 2015 elections

Now, the question is this: Whom do you prefer? Jonathan or Buhari? And what are the reasons for that preference?

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  1. don jeremy peter shaft

    At present, we dont need a popular party, we need someone who has something to contribute for the attainment of Peace, Unity & Progress of our dear country irrespective of religion, political or ethnic affiliation.

  2. elvis

    GEJ goodluck is the man doing it and will do better, he had his challenges in the begining due to the structure of the nation, and where he came from but he has learnt overtime. He has the heart to learn and has leanrt.he is now in but postion to move this nation forward.his sincerity of purpose and humility stand him out. He has allowed our democrazy to deepened. Freedom of speech and freedom after speech..His policies overtime will definitely bear fruit if he continues
    Buhari is bitter and a sad and doesnot the ethnic dynamicz of our nation and he haz not bother to be trained and educated. He is so stignant and unreasonable to be a president. Morally, How can a man that tried to abort a baby becos of associate discomfort of his pregnant wife turn around and what enjoy the friut the saved child. A man that almost destroyed democrazy has no moral justification to ask to be voted in, too bad, finally , if buhari wins at this critical stage of our nationhood, it will be more trouble for us, he has learn the ethic of democratic government which he may not submit himself to. The people around may as well took over power from like they did to him last time. Gej is our john the baptist and moses our time not the messiah or joshua. Our messiah will come after now

  3. Esther

    As for me i dont prefer any of them because if GBJ goes back there the northerns will not give him that chance they will keep using the bokoharam to destroy and for buhari he is not the one that will change Nigeria because when he was once Nigeria leader what good did he do for, him to come back al i know is that he want the power to come back to north because they are not happy what Nigeria need is someone that have not tested power artless young mind wit desire to do some good

  4. Its so sad that we only recognize PDP and APC presidential candidates. If you ask anyone on the streets on Nigeria they do not even care to find out about other presidential candidates from other political parties.
    However, if i am to choose between GEJ or GMB i will pick GMB as GEJ has tried his best and his best is not good enough.
    Also if GMB does not perform to expectations i will vote in the next best presidential candidate during the next election as well. 😐

  5. Mackson

    Gmb is far preferred. He is disciplined and honest. Corruption is a core issue in Nigeria and we need a leader that can confront it haedlong. We need a change of paradigm to move forward.

  6. Pam Choji

    I Prefer GEJ than GMB base on his track record. The issue of curruption was not orchestrated by his regime. It was inherited. Curruption, therefore is a Nigeria Factor. Secondly, the issue of in security as a result of Boko Haram was equally Orchestrated even before he become a president. Further, if you follow the trend of events one will understand that all his efforts were being sabotage. So he is doing his best. The issue of economy the records is their for to see. With the points I gun for GEJ.

    1. Abass


      I respect your views, no doubt.

      It’s true that corruption didn’t start during GEJ’s regime. But we all know he has done NOTHING to stop it. He even encouraged it indirectly by granting state pardon to corrupt politicians like Alameyeseigha and Bode George. Or can you tell me any single instance where Jonathan took a step to fight corruption?

      Secondly, as for Boko Haram, even the international community knows he didn’t do much about it, yet he could have done better. Yes, his efforts are being sabotaged by corrupt moles in his government, but why didn’t he take any strong step against those saboteurs?

      And as for the so called economy records, I’m telling you they all exist on TV screens and newspaper pages. We never get to see the dividends. Instead, things keep getting worse. What happened to the excess crude reserves? Stolen! What happened to subsidy gains? Stolen!

      Truth is, Jonathan has 6 years to prove himself, but he failed to. Even though Buhari might not be a better candidate, I’d rather risk voting Buhari for another 4 years than allow Jonathan rule for 4 more years. That’s my own stand.

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