Free Proxy List: How to Get Them Easily


A proxy enables you to browse the internet without exposing your identity.  It works via what is called a VPN, which is acronym for Virtual Private Network.  You are the only one that can use a VPN individuals using VPN are given their personal Chunnel  and you will be able to connect via your device, be it mobile or desktop, to virtually any stream or site you may want to access.


With a VPN or proxy, you will not have to encrypt your data.  Truth is the data is already encrypted for you.  This is because the data you send are embedded inside a mobile fortress, which the proxy represents.  Your data will stay tightly locked inside the VPN until it reaches its destination and until it reports back to your mobile device.

It is important that the data in the proxy stays secured. Any exposure of any kind will expose your true identity and may lead to your ban from the site you desire to access.

The purpose of a proxy server is to help protect your identity so that you can access websites that will not be allowed to access normally. The proxy server will help place a veil on your IP address and the encryption on the site you want to visit will not be able to detect your IP address and will therefore not be able to ban you from accessing that website.

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The restricted site will not be able to detect where the data you are sending is coming from and it will therefore allow the data easy entrance into the restricted area since it is not bearing your barred identity.  As far as the restricted site is concerned, it is the proxy that is demanding for information from it and not you.

However, the process of communicating via a proxy can be somewhat slow. You should therefore consider the issue of speed before you evr make use of a proxy.  While your privacy may be completely protected on a VPN, it is not entirely protected on a proxy.

Many of the proxy servers are highly secured, including some of the free ones.  They render your internet traffic unbreakable and well secured. The restricted sites are easily accessed without any problem.

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How to get proxy list

When searching for proxy list you can use, you need to select the particular country where that proxy is domiciled. The speed and identity of the proxy is determined by the country of its origin. For example, a proxy domiciled in the United States will make it possible for you to access all websites restricted to United States visitors.

After selecting your proxy country, you should select the port you prefer to connect with. Ports can be of different types; there is the 8080 port, the 443 port, the 80 port and several others.  The speed you get from one differs from what obtains in another.

After selecting your proxy country and your ports, you need to select your protocols. There are several protocols you can select from; there is the HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS4/5 and SOCKS5.


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