Free eBooks Download: 5 Top Sites to Get Them


Reading they say is a continuous never ending process as we always try to
gain that extra bit of knowledge about everything around us. Cultivating the habit
of reading is usually encouraged in schools but due to technology most people
have more time for their mobile phones, computers, amazon kindles and tablets than
they have for printed articles like the newspapers and novels just to mention a

In a bid to encourage reading, books have been digitized and are called eBooks so reading can be done on any of the devices mentioned above. The positive side
to eBooks being on these devices is that a single mobile phone can hold virtually a full shelf of printed books.

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Most eBooks online are not free and so you would need to pay a little token to read or download them. However, in this article we will try to list out some top sites where you can find and download free eBooks (also known as online library). Some of the eBooks are in different formats such as pdf, doc and others.

Top Sites to Download Free eBooks

This takes the number one spot as it has a listing of over 2 million free books
on diverse topics which also includes educational eBooks on the Web and is
constantly being updated.

FreeBookSpot has several categories where you can select from cooking, drawing,
entertainment and lots more

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4eBooks majorly has a very large collection of computer or computer programming
related eBooks where you can virtually find any book on Java, .Net, Apace and

This is one that most novel readers would like to check out as it contains
novels on fiction, mystery, romance, biography, humor, fantasy and the list
goes on.

Manybooks has a huge collection of eBooks in different languages and can be
searched based on popularity and recommendations. It currently boast of over
120,000 readers on its site. Its also a very good portal of eBooks.

Others are:


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