Former President Jonathan Finally Returns to Nigeria

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Barely one week after former President Goodluck Jonathan was accused of being on exile in Cote d’ivoire the former president have finally returned to Nigeria after his world tour.

This was revealed in a post by build up Nigeria. The statement said
“As he promised, former President Goodluck Jonathan is back in Nigeria. The patriot who led Nigeria to become the largest economy in Africa is not on exile. He is at home after a successful multi city speaking tour!”

Since his return the social media have been heated up with different reactions from Nigerians. Read reactions below

  • Parosident Buhari
    # GEJWhileYouWereAway I rescued 2 chibok girls with 5 different names in Junior classes writing SSCE.
  • iRadical
    # GEJWhileYouWereAway Lady Justice was raped. She is being raped daily, yet no relief comes her way. Who will save us from Injustice ?
  • President Of Killers
    # GEJWhileYouWereAway Buhari ,Burutai and Lai Muhammed have been Lieing Nakedly Ind Street bcos of dere Incompetence
  • Amapopping
    The joke is on u wailers cos as some1 said
    # GEJWhileYouWereAway PMB was away too. Twitter ppl kill me ??
    # GEJWhileYouWereAway these people have been commissioning your projects. Railway, roads, agriculture. We appreciate you sir.
    # GEJWhileYouWereAway the country as experienced economy melt down, blackout, inflation. Life has become so unbearable for the common man
    # GEJWhileYouWereAway rumor said that OBJ and some boys are minting a new political party. And that means rumble in the jungle already.
  • President Of Killers
    # GEJWhileYouWereAway Buhari went to foreign Nations to Disgrace us by allowing that small boy in UK to call us Fantastically Corrupt Nation
  • The Awesome Guy
    # GEJWhileYouWereAway , Fulani Herdsmen became more emboldened and more audacious!
  • Damola
    # GEJWhileYouWereAway this govt seem confused, lots of accusations were made against ur govt and party. Kindly help put an end to PB’s woes.
  • @RadicalYouthMan
    # GEJWhileYouWereAway APC changed their nomenclature to All Promises Cancelled. Even the smallest of promises like #Our5K was discarded.
  • iRadical
    # GEJWhileYouWereAway Common “Tomato Ebola”, Buhari could not curtail. We remember How you stopped the real Ebola within one week. Sigh
  • Miz Cazorla
    # GEJWhileYouWereAway PMB promised to name looters but he was scared of U. We are still waiting for him to name them
  • Onye Ozi(D’Messenger
    # GEJWhileYouWereAway the
    @NDAvengers teamed up wit IPOB to show Buhari why it is wrong to be stubborn..Pls help us & plead with the Avengers
    # GEJWhileYouWereAway Bet9ja has become a way of life to supplement the salary.

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