Cheap Flights from Lagos to London: How to Get Them


Doesn’t it surprise you sometimes when somebody tells you that they got their travel tickets at some jaw-dropping rates and you are wondering “How is that even possible” because you on the other hand, paid twice or thrice that amount to get your own ticket?

Well, I was once like you to until I decided I wasn’t going to pay extremely high rates for air fares anymore. I sought out to discover how people get cheap air tickets and below was what I found. When next you are flying the Lagos to London route, make sure you use these tips to get yourself extremely low prices for your tickets:

Get Your Visa and Passport Ready

Your Visa is proof of your departure. When you are already armed with a visa, you are free to start making your travel plans and buying travel tickets. You would also need to get your international passport ready as most airlines would require you to scan your data page when you want to make your booking.

Choose a flexible Flying Period

Most travel experts are of the opinion that you can get the best flight deals from Lagos to London when you make you fly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays fall during the weekend when most people travel. Air fares are usually higher during these periods. So except you really have to travel during the weekend period, it is better to schedule your flight to fall during the week from Monday to Thursday.

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Book Ahead or Really Late

Airlines are always concerned about filling up their flights as much as possible. When a flight is not yet filled up, you are able to get really cheap fares because the airline wants to ensure that it doesn’t fly at a loss. This also happens with last minute flights. You are also able to get cheap fares on last minute flight deals because like a said, no airline wants to fly at a loss. So if you are really serious about getting really cheap deals, these are the best booking periods for you.

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Find a Good Booking Portal

There are a lot of booking portals that help you to pull all the best flight deals from the internet together when you search for them. There are a lot of good booking portals to get cheap flight deals the Nigerian,,,,,, Google flight explorer, Travelocity, Hipmonk and Momondo. Just fill in your travel details on the forms provided on the booking portal and then wait for results to come in so that you can now sift through and choose a perfect option for you.

Make Use of Social Media

There are a lot of travel portals with social media accounts which they use to alert followers of some of the most eye-popping travel deals on the internet. You should think of following such accounts on Twitter.

Use Frequent Flier Miles

If you are a frequent traveler, you shouldn’t miss out huge travel discounts that you can get using your frequent travel miles on your preferred airline.


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