Cheap Flights from Lagos to Dubai: How to Get Them


Dubai is one of the most popular international destinations for Nigerians, as a lot of people go for vacation, study or business in the United Arab Emirates. Let’s not forget the fairly easy-to-access visa — something Nigerians never fail to take advantage of.

However, flight tickets to Dubai don’t come cheap; a lot of Nigerians still find the $700-$1,200 average rates for economy tickets a little too much. This is why we have come up with this comprehensive guide that reveals just how to get cheap, jaw-dropping rates for your flights from Lagos to Dubai.

Plan Ahead

It’s very important to get a grip on your travel plans few week, or months before your travel date. Last minute bookings may cost much more money than bookings made few weeks ahead. I once had an experience like that where I had to pay an extra N21, 000 just because I didn’t make my bookings early.

When I first checked, the ticket was available for about N105, 000 but for some reason I can’t remember now, I didn’t make my bookings at the time. When I was back however, the price had gone up to about N136, 000. So I guess you see why it’s important to make your travel plans early enough.

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Be Flexible

You would be limited in options if your travel plans are too rigid. To get the perfect price, you have to search for it and this might mean playing around several dates to find a suitable one but if your travel plans are too rigid, you might be limited in options.

Target Off-Peak Periods

Off peak periods in the context of this guide refers to periods when there aren’t so many travelers such that airline operators are forced to beat their prices down. Just like everything else in the market, airline fares bow to the forces of demand and supply.

When there are many travelers, prices go up and vice versa. So in order to get cheap air fares from Lagos to Dubai, go for periods when there aren’t so many travelers. Except you really have to, don’t go for holiday periods or weekends. To get cheaper rates, try flying during the week, say from Tuesday to Wednesday or if you must travel on weekends or holidays, ensure that you book your ticket several weeks ahead.

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Search and Compare

Once you have an idea of your travel dates and make your schedule a little bit more flexible, you can start to search for cheap flights from Lagos to Dubai. Some of the recommended places to search include:

Subscribe to Price Drop Alerts

Most of the websites listed above have subscription features which you can use to sign up for price drop alerts. If there is any destination you are interested in (in this case, Lagos to Dubai) then you can ask to be notified when there is a drop in prices.


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