Car Dealers in Nigeria: The Top 10


When car purchase comes into question, one should quickly remember that there are a lot processes involved than just walking up to any car sales point, pointing to one car, exchanging the cash for the keys and happily driving off the newly bought ride. It just doesn’t work like that.

There are various car dealers in Nigeria, but buying at some places would take you a step further in giving you the much needed rest of mind on your new purchase. Cars aren’t shirts or shoes that if it doesn’t fit, you could just return and either exchange for a better one or get a refund.

With that said, below are the top 10 car dealers in Nigeria in no particular order.

  1. Carmudi

Carmudi is an online car dealer with cars of very high quality. They deal with cars of various brands, sizes and prices. Their collection is probably the widest and their customer service is also top notch.


  1. Lanre Shittu

If you’re ‘car-hunting’ and you’ve never heard of Lanre Shittu Motors, then you need to restart your market survey. Lanre Shittu motors has been delivering on quality and serious variety for over 15 years. Their prices are also some of the best beat down ones you’ll find around.

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  1. Tejude Motors

Tejude motors is a top dog among car dealers in Nigeria with a lot of variety, quality. Tejude Motors also boasts affordability, with arguably the lowest prices of used cars in Nigeria. Both their new and used cars are verified for optimum performance.

  1. Cheki

Understandably so, Cheki prides itself as Nigeria’s No.1 car website and no wonder since they are like an outsourcing firm for car dealers; hence their crazily wide range of vehicle brands and types. Prices are also really acceptable and cars on Cheki are verified.


  1. Affordable Cars

If price tops your checklist during your car search, then just gently move yourself to Affordable cars. Good news is, they do not parade low prices at the expense of quality as their cars are still some of the top notch ones around.


  1. Elizade

Elizade is a name known even to people who have no business buying cars. Elizade is brand partner with Toyota cars; so if you’re interested in another brand asides Toyota, don’t bother checking them out but if it’s a Toyota car you need, you probably wouldn’t rather buy it anywhere else.

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  1. Coscharis Motors

They have over the years become a go to place for auto enthusiasts and those with an eye on quality. With quite a number of offices nationwide, some of the best prices and auto check support, Coscharis motors is a car dealer you can trust.


  1. Globe Motors

Globe Motors is one of Nigeria’s leading car dealership places with a range of cars from regular to luxury cars. There is also a warranty on their cars and their prices aren’t cut throat.  They have various brands like Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, BMW, and so on.


  1. Banix Motors

Banix isn’t really popular for the range of their car types and brands but their prices. Cars from them always have good customer feedback and their tokunbo cars are indeed first grade ones.


  1. Kefiano Motors

Kefiano Motors gives every of their customers one particular problem – Choice! With their vast array of brand selections, from Mercedes, Toyota, Peugeot, Honda, and so on, it’s really hard to choose. Their prices are also very affordable too.


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