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How To Make Money As A Student

Going to university is an immoderate thing to do, and with rising educational cost charges, numerous individuals can get a handle on estimated of this open door. Be that as it may, school undergraduate shouldn’t release entering higher institution due to its expenses. Not just are there a few bursaries and credits you can take […]

The Richest Men in Nigeria: Forbes Top 10 (2016)

There are some individuals in Nigeria, who are well known for their wealthy aura and their business conglomerate. Today we won’t be looking at the richest people in Nigeria; we would be shining our ‘gender bias’ light of curiosity on the richest men in Nigeria. Who are the richest men in Nigeria? What businesses are […]

Top 10 Richest Countries in Africa

Top 10 Richest Countries in Africa Africa is the second largest continent in the world, and is the host continent to some pretty rich countries. Today, we’ll take a quick glance at the top 10 richest countries in Africa (2016); let it be safe to say that the criteria to come by this list is […]

Richest Politicians in Nigeria: The Top 10

Nigeria, like many other countries is well known for flamboyant and wealthy politicians who are typically found of appearing less than they are actually worth in public. But who are the richest politicians in Nigeria? This is an inevitable question for someone who follows the country’s political trends. So without wasting much of your time, […]

Nigerian Wedding Blogs: The Top 10

Gone are the days when weddings were just events or ceremonies Weddings aren’t ‘just’ events anymore, they are now serious businesses that aren’t to be taken lightly. Thanks to wedding blogs in Nigeria, your Nigerian wedding can easily be the talk of the town with your style, your spouse, your location, your fashion, food and […]

Who Is the Richest Pastor in the World? (See the Top 10)

who is the richest pastor in the world

Even though setting up a Christian ministry can be for anything but financial gain, the question, “Who is the richest pastor in the world?” can’t but arise once in a while, especially these days where pastors are undertaking million-dollar projects, engaging in super philanthropic activities and commanding a whole lot of material acquisitions and properties. […]

Who is the Richest Man in Africa? (See Answer + Top 10)

who is the richest man in africa

Africa is a continent filled with businessmen and entrepreneurs. The question, “Who is the richest man in Africa?” is very common, especially among countdown bloggers, business writers, business enthusiasts, the general ‘curios’ public, and even among the elites themselves. So who is the richest man in the whole continent of Africa? What are the businesses […]

The Richest Pastor in Africa

A pastor is a religious figure, responsible for overseeing the activities of members of his religious group. Shining the light from a religious point of view, precisely Christianity, a pastor is a leader, divinely ordained and tasked with the duty of providing guidance and support to people. Gone are the days when poor people were […]

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