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Nigerian Breweries Salary: See What They Pay

Nigerian Breweries produce alcoholic and non-alcohol beverages and it is one of the largest companies in Nigeria. The company was founded on 16th of November, 1946.  Its original name when it was founded was Nigerian Brewery Limited. Its headquarters is located at Iganmu House, Abebe Village Road, Iganmu, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. They cover Nigeria and […]

KPMG Nigeria Salary: See What They Pay

KPMG is one of the many companies that pay considerably well in Nigeria today.  It is an international company actually. They have branches in various great cities, like Chicago, New York City, London as well as Lagos, Nigeria. It is an auditing company. They are among the four biggest auditors on international scale along with […]

Recruitment In Nigeria Immigration Service

Initially, the Nigeria Immigration Services was part of the Nigeria Police Force. It was however separated in 1958 to become a separate entity.  Its main duty is to monitor the immigration activities of Nigerians and foreigners interested in visiting Nigeria. Head of the Nigeria Immigration Services is the Chief Immigration officer and his appointment is […]

Highest Paying Companies in Nigeria

It is the dream of many Nigerian graduates to get jobs with high paying companies, who will pay them something meaningful and tangible for their daily labours. Truth of the matter however is that very few companies actually pay high enough. The recent economic downturn being experienced by Nigeria further gives salaries great dents, making […]

Salary Structure in Nigeria: The Full List

Nigerian salary structures are of different types. These salary structures were established by the National Salaries, Incomes and Wages Commission, which is a body directly under the control of the presidency.  The body was established in 1993 and it bases its decisions on salary structures on recommendations handed over since 1960 till present time. The […]

Jaiz Bank Board of Directors

Jaiz Bank Plc. is a relatively new bank in Nigeria.  The bank originated from Jaiz International Plc, an institution set up in 2004 or thereabout.  Jaiz International Plc was set up as Special Purpose Vehicle. Its original purpose of set up was to act as a Non Interest Bank.  There are up to 20,000 shareholders […]

7 Hot Jobs You Can Do At Home

Gone are the days when you have to leave home for work every day. Gone are the days when you have to depend on salary from an office or from someone else’s company. These days, you can work right at home and make a good living out of it. If you work at home, you […]

Operational Structure of the Nigeria Immigration Service

If you need information about operational structure of the Nigeria Immigration Service, then you have come to the right source of information .The Nigeria Immigration Service was recently restructured and this tends to affect the way the officers and men operate. Do not forget that the Nigeria Immigration Service was once under the Nigeria Police […]

Salary Of A 2nd Lieutenant in Nigerian Army

Have you been dreaming of joining the military at some stage in your life? You may then want to know how much a second lieutenant earns in the Nigerian army.  The salary earned in the Nigerian army increases as your rank increases. You may already know that you are made a second lieutenant immediately you […]

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