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International Companies in Nigeria: The Full List

In this post, we’ve compiled a full list of international companies with offices in Nigeria. Chevron Chevron is an American oil & gas firm with offices in more than 180 countries across the world. The company has one of its subsidiaries in Nigeria and it is one of the highest oil producing companies in the […]


Top 50 Companies in Nigeria

In this post, we’ve listed the top 50 companies based on their market value and job satisfaction reported by employees. This list is in no particular order.   Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) SPDC is a multinational oil & gas firm. It is the oldest oil company in Nigeria and can be attributed to discovering […]


Nigeria’s Neighbouring Countries

Nigeria has four major borders and these borders lead to four African countries. The country shares borders with Cameroun in its southern part in Cross River. It is also borders with Chad in North-East and Niger in the North. Additionally, Nigeria is also borders with Republic of Benin in the Southwestern Nigeria. These people have […]


Nigeria’s Land Area (Total and Breakdown)

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Nigeria is located in West Africa. The country has a compact area of 923,768 square kilometers (356,376 square miles). This land mass extends from the Gulf of Guinea in the south to the Sahel (the shore of the Sahara Desert) in the North. Comparatively, Nigeria is slightly more than twice the size of California, or […]


Structure of the Nigerian Economy since 1960

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Nigeria can be said to be a middle-income, mixed economy. Also, the country has been tagged as one of the emerging marketing in the world with expanding manufacturing, financial, service, communications, technology and entertainment sectors. In terms of nominal GDP, the country is ranked as the 30th-largest economy in the world while it is the […]


List of Imported Goods in Nigeria

Nigeria imports diverse kinds of goods and products from other countries. Some of the countries include the likes of India, China, United Kingdom and the United States. India India is one of the major trading partners of Nigeria. The country regularly exports pharmaceuticals, organic chemicals, nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery, paper and paperboard, iron and steel […]


Food Companies in Nigeria: The Full List

Food business is certainly one business that will never go out of fashion because people will always eat. There are scores of companies involved in the production of distribution of food products in Nigeria with many of these companies operating different business models. Some of these companies have farms that supply the necessary raw materials […]


Nigerian International Passport Requirements

The Nigerian International passport (e-passport) is a national identity confirming citizenship of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The passport is also a means of identification and an important document for international travel. In this post, you’ll discover the necessary steps to take and the documents you require in the course of processing your passport application. […]


Nigerian Navy Salary Scale Structure

Lots of people are interested in knowing how much the men and officers of the Nigerian Navy earn on monthly basis. This is understandable though since many Nigerians are looking forward to an opportunity to get recruited into the Nigerian Navy. As a result, many of them want to know what they will be getting […]

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