Any Hope for Nigeria? (What Do You Think?)

Each time I sit back to think about this country, I tend to lose hope. No. I’m not usually a pessimist, and I see most things from a positive perspective. But when it comes to Nigeria, so many factors convince me that I won’t be wrong to say there’s no hope for this country.

The leaders are corrupt, no doubt. It’s even sad that the legislative and judicial arms of the government — which are in the best positions to make things better — are even more corrupt that the executive arm. If you’ve always been in Nigeria and have been following happening in the country, you’d understand what I mean.

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Now, let’s come down to ourselves — the followers. Most Nigerians are lawless, greedy, negligent, and even senseless (and I’m not sorry to say that). We see some people rushing to lick the butts of these politicians who suck the country dry. We see some people who have two or more salary accounts, and still accuse the government of corruption. We have those who bribe their way to get anything for themselves and their children. And I can go on and on. Yet, these are the same people leaders will continue to emerge from.

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As for me, I won’t say I’ve lost hope in this country. But I’m always on the brink of losing hope. What’s your own opinion? Do you think this country is forever doomed, or you think there’s still some hope?

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