Alta Semper & Zachary Fond: What They Do 


You may not realize it, but a multitude of products and services you benefit from are from private equity-backed companies. Whether it’s about your favorite coffee from Starbucks or some yummies for your cat from your local pet food chain, private equity is everywhere, nonstop. In this post, you’ll learn more about Alta Semper — a UK-based private equity firm, its managing director Zachary Fond, as well as Healthplusnigeria — one of the companies Alta Semper invested in. 

Alta Semper & Zachary Fond: Brief Outline & Vision

Created in 2015, Alta Semper is a private equity firm located in London, UK. The firm is focused on investing flexible and strategic finances in healthcare and consumer sectors in Africa. These two sectors have a lot in common, often overlapping in growth markets, where a lack of health insurance or state-backed access to medicine is often observed.

Healthplusnigeria, Nigeria’s first interactive pharmacy and one of West Africa’s largest integrated pharmacy chains, is one of the companies Alta Semper invested in. With a network of over 80 branches throughout major African cities and a powerful e-pharmacy website, HealthPlus is now a ‘one-stop shop’ for healthcare services and one of the fastest growing retail pharmacy chains in West Africa. 

Zachary Fond, who has previously worked in Investment Banking and Corporate Finance, is now a managing director at Alta Semper. Zachary joined Alta Semper a year after the firm’s foundation, and back then, he already had 9 years of fundraising and consultative experience under his belt. 

Before Alta Semper, Fond worked as a Senior Associate at Emerging Capital Partners, where he was focused on infrastructure and consumer investments in Kenya. Zachary has vast experience in fundraising, new investments, and portfolio management. He and the rest of the team behind Alta Semper work hard on making the investor firm’s mission a reality — and a success to all parties involved. 

Here’s a brief outline of the main tasks and the overall mission of Alta Semper:

  • pooling capital from investors and forming a private equity investment fund; 
  • finding promising companies that have major growth potential but are financially limited or risk averse;
  • building strong, market-leading businesses and being the partner of choice for highly motivated, talented business owners.

Instead of establishing short-term partnerships, Alta Semper aims at fostering lasting collaborations with like-minded businesses. Furthermore, they are on a mission to become a gold standard employer that excels in recruiting the most brilliant talent, as well as a positive contributor to society in general. 

Vast Experience & Strong Leadership: Work With the Best

Alta Semper prides itself in creating a close-knit team with over seventy years of combined professional experience in managing and leading private equity and investment companies. With the company’s deep understanding of its focus sectors, expert shareholder base, and top-level management, startups and small business Alta Semper partners are bound to succeed. Have any questions or comments on the topic? Leave a reply in the comment box below. We value your feedback greatly!

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