7 Smart Ways to Reduce Battery Consumption on the Blackberry Z30


Have you bought the Blackberry Z30? Guess you enjoy using it or maybe you
haven’t bought it but are considering buying it soon. The truth of the matter is that,
it is a great device from Blackberry.

It comes loaded with goodies that are beyond imagination. It comes with a 5.0 inch
AMOLED display and runs on the advanced Blackberry 10.2 OS. The Blackberry z30
comes with a 2880mAh Li-Ion battery and can offer lots of power if used
appropriately. Here is a more in-depth review that we did on the Blackberry Z30.


Having a powerful device like this comes with a lot of perks as you can get the job
done and it also comes with some few issues especially with how you manage the
battery life. The Blackberry Z30 can offer you as much as 16 – 25 hours of heavy
usage on 3G, without charging, depending on how you manage the battery
consumption. If the power is well manage, you would notice that this device is one
of the best in the market and one that is very efficient and powerful.

In this article, we would be discussing 7 smart ways to manage the battery
consumption of your Blackberry Z30.

Having a phone with a large screen as the Blackberry Z30 means you would have to
come up with smart ways to make your batteries last longer. Here are some smart
ways to do that:

  1. Use the app monitoring app in settings regularly. This would show you what is
    draining your battery and help you improve on it.
  2. Avoid BBM Groups with lots of activities. Having constant messages per second
    causes heavy inflow and outflow of data from the network and this is a huge battery
  3. Get the Max Battery Booster App  from Blackberry’s app world which gives your battery an extra boost which saves your power. This is a Paid app though but there are others that are similar that you can try out also.
  4. Make Application Refreshing Manual. Most apps in Blackberry Z30 have the ability
    to refresh even without you opening them. Setting this kind of apps to manual
    refreshing helps reduce the amount of power they consume and enhance battery
  5. Set Screen Time Out to 10Secs. It is more profitable to have your screen time out at every 10 seconds when it’s not engaged than to have it time out at every 5minutes. If the current settings on your phone is anything above 10 seconds, then you should reduce it as the extra minutes that it stays on is more power being consumed to power up the IPS display screen which in turns consumes more of your battery life.
  6. Unused Connections should be off at all times. Don’t make the mistake of leaving
    your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on. Once you’re done with it, switch it off. Having them on is
    a drain on your battery life especially your Bluetooth. If you decide to send a file to
    someone, switch it off immediately the file is sent. If you don’t want to be doing that on a regular basis, then you can get a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth management app that switches them off automatically as soon as they are no longer engaged.
  7. Screen Brightness should be reduced especially at night. This is a “no brainer” but a tip that many of us still don’t heed to. The brighter the screen, the more power it
    consumes. Except you are okay with charging your Z30 every 6 hours, its best to
    reduce the screen brightness regularly to a mid-range or to the lowest possible
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Debola Binuyo is a staff writer for Content NG where she writes on phone reviews and guides on smartphones and tablets in Nigeria


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