7 Hot Jobs You Can Do At Home


Gone are the days when you have to leave home for work every day. Gone are the days when you have to depend on salary from an office or from someone else’s company. These days, you can work right at home and make a good living out of it.


If you work at home, you will never have to worry about getting involved in traffic or exposing yourself to too much UV rays from the sun. You will never have to worry about your boss breathing down your neck and insisting that you get things done fast.

If you work at home, you will be able to set your own time and work at your own pace. If the truth must be told, it is one of the best ideas anyone can ever think of. In this simple write-up, you will be informed on a number of simple jobs you can do at home.

Virtual Assistant

You can work at home as a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is an individual employed to assist someone else just like a secretary would assist a boss. The only difference here is that the virtual assistant will be working from home and will never have to report at any office.

He/she will only communicate with the employer via phone and internet. However, he/she will never have to leave home to get the assigned task done.  No need to spend so much on transportation or worry about getting wet by rain on your way to work.

You only need to have very good computer and also have fast internet. With these in place, you can earn considerable amount as a virtual assistant.

Before you can work as a virtual assistant, you need to understand English language. You need to be able to communicate and write in English language.  You need to have other skills too, like good office etiquette.


Translation job is yet another job that you can do from home. All you are required to do is to translate scripts from one language to another. You do not need to work under any boss.

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The person who needs any item to be translated can contact you and you get the job done at your own pace. You need to be able to translate from one language to another in order to function in this profession.

If the person wants to translate from English to French for example, you will only qualify for the task if you have a good understanding of both English language and French.

You can equally get employed to translate to or from a number of other languages, like Japanese, Portuguese, Arabic, French, Chinese, German, and the likes.


This is yet another wonderful to make money from home.  You can get job by signing up on any of the online work sites available. On these sites, people who need writing tasks to be completed post their tasks there and you have to apply the tasks.

Once your application is approved, you will be given the writing task and you will be paid once the job is completed.  You need to have a good understanding of the language in which the writing needs to be done.

If the writing is to be done in French for example, you should be able to read and write in French. The same goes for English writing.  In fact, many are of the opinion that the easiest way to make money online is by becoming a writer.

Additionally, you should be able to do varieties of writing forms, like Business Proposal writing, Academic Writing, Article writing, Product Description and the likes.

Furthermore, you should have experience in the use of computer and should be good in Word Processing in order to make it big in this home job.

Research assistant

In this particular one, you will assist someone else to carry out research on any given topic or field of human endeavor. You will then forward your findings to the individual via email or other communication means, like Watsapp, Skype and the likes.

Most of the jobs available in this category are technical and require you to have the necessary expertise in that particular profession. If not, you may never be able to get job related to this.

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First of all, determine what your expertise is and seek research assistant job that fits perfectly with your area of expertise.

Customer Service Reps

Gone are the days when you have to visit brick and mortal office to become a customer service rep. You can do that right in the comfort of your home. The company you are working for will provide you with all the tools you need and you can carry on right from home.

All you are required to do is to provide answers to the queries posed by the clients of that particular company. This job is mostly done via phone. You can equally work as live chat agent for the particular company you are representing.

You are supposed to be able to speak fluent English in order to qualify for this job.

Data Entry Experts

You can help people with data entry jobs and make good money right at home.  You however need to be proficient in Microsoft Excel in order to make it meaningfully in this profession. You also need to be able to work very fast in order to make good money out of it.

The job requires you to complete or organize data on a spreadsheet, like Microsoft Excel.  The job might require you to search for companies’ information online and enter such info on the spreadsheet.

Graphic Design

If you have graphic design skills, you can also use the skill to make money online at home. Many online job sites have graphic designs tasks posted on them and you can apply for such jobs and start making money.

Graphic design jobs involve designing logo and other graphic works. It equally involves animation.  You should attempt to improve on your skills and widen your scope in graphic designs in order to make good money from this profession.




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      Data entry is a High Income Skill in the online business that is currently in a high demand. Websites like SCRIBBLE.COM & SIMPLE SOCIAL TOOL look for people with set of skills like copywriting and audio transcription into word and pay them for their services-These two website realy pays ($1-3 per min audio). If u are so confident in your typing skills you can sign up with any of this website online with a valid email & paypal account and get paid in dollars at each work completion.

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