5 Signs She’s Interested in You


Nigerian girls don’t usually make the first move even when it’s obvious they are interested in a guy. Not every girl that approaches a guy means she likes the guy, when she looks at you frequently also does not mean she likes you.

However here are some tips to help you know she’s actually interested in you.

1. She Tells Someone
Most ladies that like a guy would share it with her close circle of friends. She tries to know more about you from any of her friends that know you or have made contact with you at one point in time. Also she tries to indirectly send a message through that friend hoping you would get the message.

2. Frequent Calls
This is another very good sign to note if she likes you. A girl who likes you will not wait for you to make the calls all the time and at this point it is expected that both parties must have communicated over the phone for some time so calling you no longer seems weird to her. She does not mind spend several minutes or wasting all her call credit just to hear that “sweet” voice of yours 😉

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3. She Splits The Bill
Trust me when a girl truly likes you she would also care about your pocket. She knows you are trying to impress her but she doesn’t want you to spending unnecessarily on her. Rather, she tries to spend on you as well so it does not seem like shes a gold digger.

4. Deep Conversations
When she gets close to you she tries to strike deep conversations with you. She would ask questions like how you see yourself in a couple of years, the kind of girl you would love to date, your previous relationships and experiences, family background and so many more. Be on the lookout for conversations like these as this is a very good sign that she wants to have a future with you.

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5. Her Friends Know About You
Suddenly you find yourself amongst her friends, don’t be surprised when you get to hear information about you that you have only told a few people, including her about. Ladies tend to brag about their man, his looks or his achievements to their friends. So its quite normal to know she has seen something in you and shes proud to tell her friends about.

A lady may not expressively show all the five signs listed above, she may show a few of them and some others but if you find a girls showing at least one of the signs listed above its a sure way of telling shes actually interested in you.



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