5 Clear Signs You’re Ready for Marriage


Are You Ready For Marriage? Most people do not have an easy and direct answer to this question but there are some noticeable signs that can help you get a concluding answer. Marriage is not a bed of roses as it is a very bold step saying Yes to that special someone in your life.

In this post we will identify the signs that shows you are ready to say “I Do”

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1. You Decide to Focus Only on One Person

Its quite different for everybody but switching gears and lanes from one person to another can be very exhausting as relationships take a lot of your time and energy.
When you finally decide you no longer want to jump from one person to another and decide its better to give one person your undivided attention than giving bits to several persons, then this is a clear sign that you are about to focus only on one person.

2. You Are Happy With That Person

When a person is happy, it is extremely hard to hide as not only your facial expression can give you away but your body language can also show numerous signs that you are happy with that person.
When you are always happy around that special someone then this is also another good sign that you are not in for just any relationship but that person impacts positively into your life.

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3. You Are Nervous About Committing to Marriage

Commitment is never easy no matter the gravity, even when you tick all the check boxes of this list you are tend to still get nervous about committing your life to this person. It is a good thing as it just shows you care and you do not want to disappoint your partner. Even when you get to the alter just before you say “I Do” it is only natural to still feel nervous.
This is a good sign that your are ready for marriage.

4. You Have Gained Knowledge to Sail Through the Bumps

Arguments and disagreements are inevitable and sometimes healthy for any relationship but when you develop the skills or ability to resolve issues without overly being aggressive to completion then you are ready to face the storm when you finally commit the your life to that person. Some of the skills needed to address these bumps include apologizing when wrong and sometimes when right, saying I’m sorry easily, listening to your partner’s viewpoint to get a better understanding and being truthful to your partner.

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5. Life With Your Partner is Better Than Without

When you have been with someone for a while you can tell if that person is impacting on your life positively or negatively. As time goes by if you realize you handle difficult times, decision making or any another issue better with your partner then this is a good sign that you complement each other and you are also ready to climb that Alter.


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