3 Types of Breakfast To Avoid


How healthy do you think your breakfast is? Or do you just eat anything that becomes available every morning for breakfast? You have to make sure your breakfast is as healthy as possible because what you eat as breakfast may come out to decide how stable and well you are, to carry out your duties for that day. The essence of this post is to highlight the bad eating decisions that people make at breakfast and to give reasons for a change. If you want to stay healthy every morning, try to avoid sugary and hard-to-digest foods. Instead, stick with fresh, non-oily foods that are rich in fibre.

Below are the types of foods you shouldn’t consider for breakfast. Take a look at them and make the right changes.


1. Doughnuts

These are a no no for me, and you should stay away as much as possible. Doughnuts have a very high amount of sugar and trans-fats. This can add unnecessary fat than you require and the high sugar content can destabilize your energy level by midday. If you want to keep fresh and energized all day, you’ll have to avoid eating anything doughnuts for breakfast.

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2. Local Fast Food Breakfast.

This is not only unhygienic, but mostly known for offering low quality food combinations. Check it. Most people who eat out at breakfast have lower health stability. If you want to stay healthy and stable, you’ll have to stay away from too much processed and fried foods, high sodium and fatty foods. Instead, stay away from low quality breakfasts and prepare your breakfast at home. Substitute fries for fresh vegetables and try some natural beverage.

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3. Sugary Cereal

Be careful not to take sugared cereal for breakfast. Read the labels and find out what comprises your cereals. If you want some sweet meal for breakfast, you can try some unsweetened cereals and add a teaspoon of sugar or any amount that is ok for you.


Breakfast is one of the most important meals you’ll take each day. If your breakfast isn’t balanced, there’s a big chance the quality of your health will be altered. Eat fresh food and at home as much as possible and try not to miss your breakfast. No matter how urgent your commitment each day, you have to make a choice to eat healthily each morning. Make your breakfast balanced and you’ll likely have a balanced day 😉


source: afrimedi.com


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