Vacancies In Nigeria: Top 10 Best Job Sites In Nigeria

Many Nigerians are always looking for ways to get information about existing job opportunities due to the high unemployment rate in the country. Before the Internet age, most job companies advertise on newspapers and through placing posters at strategic places.

Job Vacancies In NigeriaHowever, due to the high penetration of internet in Nigeria, a lot of these vacancies now find their way to the internet. Some companies also advertise their vacancies on their official company website.

There are however, a lot of job sites in Nigeria who take their time to compile these vacancies in one place so as to make it easy to get all of them on one site with instructions on how to apply for such jobs. On these job sites, it is easy to locate jobs, as you can search by location, by sector (type of job), for instance, you could easily look for IT jobs in Abuja by just using the search box on these sites instead of having to go through all the jobs and do the sorting by yourself as in the case of newspapers.

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Some of the sites also offer you opportunity to submit your CV and allow employers to seek you out via their platform.

The Top 10 Best Job Vacancy Listing Sites

The Top 10 Best Job Sites that list most vacancies in Nigeria and in no particular order are:











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  1. Good post! But i think ‘Myjobmag’ should be on the updated list in 2017. Their ranking and height is phenomenal. I think your readers will find the list authentic if you research and post based on 2017 facts.

  2. Uchenna

    Thanks for the list. Now I know where to find jobs

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